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Governance & Financing

Stanstead College is a registered not-for-profit corporation managed by administrative employees and governed by volunteer trustees and directors. The role of the Council of Trustees is to provide a broad spectrum of support and vision in keeping with the mission of Stanstead College.

The role of the Board of Directors is to provide stable long-term decisions concerning the future and direction of Stanstead College. These volunteer trustees and directors share an affinity for the school and its mission along with a desire to see the institution grow and prosper. They include alumni, parents of current and past students, community members and interested business people.

Stanstead College is financed through student tuition and other business operations, such as summer programs, as well as from income provided by the school’s endowment. Stanstead College also relies on contributions to its Annual Fund to provide financial aid for students as well initiatives that enhance the student experience. The Annual Fund is supported by alumni, current and past parents, students, employees, foundations as well as our trustees and directors. As a not-for-profit corporation, Stanstead College is able to issue tax receipts for eligible donors.

All revenues generated annually, whether through business operations or Annual Fund, are directed back into operating costs.

Board of Directors 2016-17

Jonathan Cowen – Chairman
François Paradis – Vice-Chairman
Monty Allan
Robert Archambault
Martin Beasse
Winston Cuenant
Andrea Dumas
Darren Gray
Claudia Hess
Jane Liu
Rebecca Nienkamper
Angelo Perrotta
Luc Quirion
Charles Seagram
Matthew Watt

Council of Trustees 2016-17

The members of the council make up the various standing committees that fulfill an advisory role in a number of key areas that are fundamental to the continued successful operation of the College.

Monty Allan '78
Robert Archambault
Peter Ashworth
George Baptist '76
David Beasse '59
Martin Beasse '91
Georges Beaubien '68
Philippe Beauregard '92
Mathieu Beliveau '99
Nathalie Beliveau '98
Felix Boisse '10
Stefan Bolduc '96
Michael Bonaro '05
Pat Burden '70
Stephen Carden '77
Paul Chiu '06
Christopher Clegg '80
Robert Colby
Jonathan Cowen '72
Judith Cowen
Winston Cuenant '99
Peter C. Daniel '54
Terry Davies
Collin De La Bruere '09
George Diamandopoulos '94
Andrea Dumas '08
Tracey Emms '82
Eric Fafard
Susan Fitzpatrick
Brian Fluhmann '51
Alex Gagnon-Sckoropad '08
Nicolas Gariepy '00
Marie-Pier Germain '01
Dr. Pierre Geoffroy '77
Jared Givarz '00
Randy Goodleaf '81
David Gray
Darren Gray '00
Hugh Gurd '71
Joyce Halpin '38
Claudia Hess '83
Duane Holder '90
Stanley Holmes Sr. '53
Sean Kevin Ingutia '06
Terry Kell
Gillian Knightley '93
Mitch Kotansky '80
John Laroche
Jean-Francois Lefort '09
Joseph Levy '69
Andrew Lippi '09
Jane Liu

Jane Livingston
Hilda Lui '05
Samuel MacCallum '80
Ali Martin-Mayer
Suzy McDonald '95
Doug McEwen '76
Jesse McRae '02
William Moffatt '72
Liane Moskal '04
John Nadeau '77
Rebecca Nienkamper '83
Guy Ouellet
Dr. Zubin Panthaki '85
François Paradis '92
Isabelle Paradis-Gatcliffe '89
Wang Peng
Robert Perretta '04
Tom Perretta '06
Angelo Perrotta
Julien Perrotta '08
Dr. Michael Peirce '73
Kimberly Quinn '93
Luc Quirion
Jean-Samuel Rancourt '06
Carl Remillard-Fontaine '97
Jason Rodi '95
Yvan Ronsse
JD Ross '00
Light Sathiensamrit '07
Andrea Schmitt
Robert Scobie '94
Valerie Scraire
Charles Seagram '92
Joel Segal '75
Lindsay Smith '09
Adam Spirk '99
Catherine Van der Linden
Geoffrey Wagner '71
Dr. Akiko Watanabe '93
Matthew Watt '99
Scott Waugh '70
Claire Webster
Judith Webster
Philip Webster
Helen White '09
Alyson T. Wood

Honorary Trustees
Thomas C. Camp
Charles W. Colby
John Mackay '52
Harry Walker '47



Strategic Plan

The 2012-17 Strategic Plan represents a consensus among board members and the College community at large on the directions the College needs to take over this five-year period to survive and thrive. In many ways it is a recognition and endorsement of the strategies being employed by the management team to ensure that the school meets its mission-appropriate enrollment targets, remains financially healthy and continues to improve its programming in all areas.

At the same time this plan introduces a more ambitious set of goals and strategies along with performance indicators that can be used to frame annual planning and reporting exercises that will generate more systemic, transparent and accountable information sharing and decision making at both the board and management levels.




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