CAIS SG Soccer 2019


Havergal College
St. Clement’s School
Stanstead College
The Study

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal
Bishop Strachan School
The Country Day School
Bishop's College School

Rothesay-Netherwood School
Branksome Hall
St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School

Lower Canada College
Miss Edgar's & Miss Cramp's School
Greenwood College School

Realigned Consolation Round-Robin
(2 x 20 min)

E1 (3rd in Pool D)
E2 (3rd in Pool B)
E3 (4th in Pool A)

F1 (3rd in Pool C)
F2 (3rd in Pool A)
F3 (4th in Pool B)


Thurs, Oct 17
SHSM vs CDS - Philip Field
LCC vs GCS - Field #1
RNS vs SMLS - Field #2
BSS vs BCS - Field #3

HC vs SC - Philip Field
SCS vs TS - Field #1
BH vs ECS - Field #2

RNS vs GCS - Philip Field
SHSM vs BSS - Field #1
CDS vs BCS - Field #2

LCC vs ECS - Philip Field
SC vs TS - Field #1
HC vs SCS - Field #2
BH  vs  SMLS - Field #3

Fri, Oct. 18
RNS vs BH - Philip Field
ECS vs GCS - Field #1
SCS vs SC - Field #2
HC vs TS - Field #3

BSS vs CDS - Philip Field
SHSM vs BCS - Field #1
LCC vs SMLS - Field #2

Champ QF1 #1A vs #2D - Philip Field
Champ QF2 #1D vs #2A - Field #1
E1 vs E3 (2 x 20 min) - Field #2
F1 vs F3 (2 x 20 min) - Field #3

Champ QF3 #1B vs #2C - Philip Field
Champ QF4 #1C vs #2B - Field #1

4:00 E2 vs E3 (2 x 20 min) - Field #2
F2 vs F3 (2 x 20 min) - Field #3

Sat., Oct. 19
SF1 (winners of QF1 & QF4) - Philip Field
SF2 (winners of QF2 & QF3) - Field #1
E1 vs E2 (2 x 20 min) - Field #2
F1 vs F2 (2 x 20 min) - Field #3

Friendly (losers of QF1 & QF4) - Philip Field
Friendly (losers of QF2 & QF3) - Field #1

#1E vs #1F Cons Final - Field #1
#2E vs #2F (friendly) - Field #2
#3E vs #3F (friendly) - Field #3

Championship Final - Philip Field

Stanstead College is excited to host the 2019 CAIS Senior Girls Soccer Tournament. It is always an honour to welcome players and coaches from other independent schools to our beautiful campus. The tournament offers three days of competition but also the opportunity to get to know each other and celebrate the joy and spirit of athletics. Good luck to all the competitors, and have a great tournament.

Tournament Photos

CAIS SG Soccer 2019

Tournament Details

  • To ensure all teams playing 3 games in the Round-Robin, teams from Pool C will play one crossover game with a team from Pool D, and similarly all teams from Pool D will play one crossover game with a team from Pool C
  • 8 teams qualify for the Championship Draw, but there will be only 6 teams in the Consolation. These 6 teams will be realigned into new Pools E & F and will play round-robin within their respective pools. To respect the guidelines for how much soccer is allowed to be played in one day, these consolation round-robin games will be shortened, i.e. 2 x 20 min halves. The top team in Pool E will play the top team in Pool F for the Consolation Banner. This Consolation Final (as well as the consolation friendlies) will revert back to normal length 2 x 35 min.
  • All teams on the Championship side are guaranteed 5 games (2 x 35 min), with only the Championship Finalists playing 6 games
  • All teams on the Consolation side are guaranteed 4 games (2 x 35 min) PLUS 2 shortened games (2 x 20 min)