Winter Carnival

 9:30 am          Breakfast
10:30 am         Winter Carnival Events

All events run at the same time, pick and choose what you want to do at any time between

10:30 – 12:30
Snow Rugby        Boot Hockey   Human Foozball
Snow Volleyball   Pie in the Face (fundraiser)  
Snow Softball      Snow Sculptures (work on these all day)

Hot chocolate & snacks on balcony of Student Center

 12:30 pm          Lunch
   1:30 pm          Maple Sugar on snow (just outside Lebaron)
   2:30 pm          Carnival Broomball Tournament (arena)

Only event running at this time
All-Campus competition
North South East West
Btm-Jr-Sr divisions
5:00 pm       Snow sculpture judging
5:30 pm       Supper
8:00 pm       Lip Sync in Pierce Hall