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A Day In Honour Of Peter W. Boyd

A special celebration on campus Saturday, September 23, 2023, to honour former teacher and coach Peter W. Boyd. 

Registration for this event is now closed.

We will be sure to send out photos from the day following this special event.  If you would like to send a special note for Peter, you can email it to advancement@stansteadcollege.com.

Registered guests
Peter BoydFormer Faculty, honouree
Alex Philip1957
Eric Smith & Diane Smith1958
Brian Denney1964
Douglas Mossey1965
Harold Potter1965
Jack Walker 1965
Georges Beaubien1968
Nigel Lester & Ellen Post1968
André Hardwick & Josée Perron1969
Bruce Macfarlane1969
Joseph Levy1969
Andrew A. Lester1970
Dugie Ross1970
Gordon Lee1970
J. Scott Waugh1970
Patrick Burden1970
Al Rich1971
Danny Lemay1971
Geoff Wagner1971
Gus Haig1971
Jay Van Wagner 1971
Matthew Elder 1971
Paul K. Ward1971
Steve Mitchell1971
Douglas Burdon1972
Jonathan Cowen & Judith Crosland1972
John M. Scrim1972
Marc Duranceau1972
Ted J. Moysey 1972
Jim Little 1973
Bruce Hodge1973
Chris I. Mitchell 1973
Don Anderson1973
Michael Peirce 1973
Robin White1973
Harvey Stevens1974
Sheldon Caplan1974
Sean O'Neill & Penny O'Neill1974
Thomas Burdon 1974
Greg Suitor1975
Steven Kohn1975
Peter Churchill1976
Steve Donahue1976
Steve Hiscock 1976
Joe Vaitekunas1976
John Nadeau 1977
Monty Allen1978
Jamie Kyle 1979
Robert Mayhew1979
Kevin Philip1980
Jeff M. Knowles1981
Nina Cohen 1982
Willow Gerber1982
Nicole Bruce 1983
Simon Walker 1984
Emma Walker 1985
Lori Reynolds1986
Shayne Savoia-Bassey & Shelly Savoia-Bassey1990
Andy & Barbara Elliot Former Faculty
Robin BunnerFormer Faculty
Clement Jacques Former Staff
Robert St-Hilaire Former Staff
Denis Parent Former Staff
Michael SudlowFormer Faculty
William WalkerFormer Faculty
Joan Boyd HighfieldFriend of SC
Linda & Lorne HartFriend of SC
Matthew Cole Friend of SC
Kiki Guilleaumine Friend of SC