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Stanstead College offers information technology support to staff and students with a full-time IT specialist. This section will be updated regularly with FAQs, help guides and special downloads.

Questions? Contact the Helpdesk, located in the Colby building on the 2nd floor, Computer Room. You can also email the IT helpdesk at

Remote Printing
Stanstead College students and teachers can print materials. For internal users, please click here; For external users, simply follow this.

How-To Guides
Laptop FAQ
All students entering Grades 10, 11 and 12 must have their own school-approved laptops for use in the classroom, for access to our school network and for academic use outside the classroom. It is recommended that all students in Grade 9 also bring their own laptop according to the outlined specifications; however, laptops are not mandatory at this level. Grade 7 and 8 students are not required to have their own laptops. For more information on the Stanstead College Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) program, please click here
Seniors who purchased the Lenovo ThinkPad in the past, with warranty and support remaining,can either have a new school image installed or reset to factory settings. If you need assistance, please contact
  • A computer purchased for the 2016-2017 school year has two years of warranty and support remaining.
  • A computer purchased for the 2015-2016 school year only has one year of warranty and support remaining.
1. Do senior students really need their own laptop?
Yes. Senior students need this tool for academic purposes in preparation for university. The laptop is used and needed to access class notes and resources on the school network, analyze data, write lab reports, prepare presentations and essays, do research, and communicate with teachers and students through the school’s intranet.

2. Why does Stanstead College not supply laptops to senior students??
Stanstead College first integrated laptop computers into its curriculum 12 years ago, and since then these tools have become valuable components of our learning strategy. Living through this process, we learned a great deal, including the fact that students tend to not properly care for equipment that is not their own. Damage to the school-owned laptops proved to be incessant, and repairs to individual laptops were costly. Over this same period, computers joined students’ other “personal” items, such as calculators, pens, iPods and cell phones. We are confident that with their own laptops, students will take greater care of their equipment and will have more flexibility to manage their own software during their time at Stanstead College. Moreover, with the rapid speed of innovation in computer technology, our students require access to the most up-to-date models from year to year; this new policy will accomplish that.

3. Will the school cover the cost of necessary repairs to the student-purchased laptops?
For those students who choose our Lenovo solution, technical support and repair will be provided on campus at no cost. We will continue to provide an IT desk to support software and hardware issues and provide warranty support. However, any costs for replacement parts or major repairs not covered by warranty will be billed to the student.
For those students who bring their own laptop from home, off-site support will be provided, and shipping and repair costs will be paid directly by parents or charged to student accounts. For each day the device is off site for repair, students are eligible for a laptop rental from the school at a rate of $5 per day or they may use one of our 4 on-campus computer labs during non-academic hours.

4. Won’t student-owned laptops be more prone to viruses?
Students are required to install the latest anti-virus software as per the agreement they sign upon arrival at Stanstead College with their own device.

For those who use our Lenovo solution, their laptops will be imaged with school-licensed software, including virus protection and other safeguards. In addition, the school envisions maintaining certain administrative controls to prevent students from installing malicious software programs that could harm our network.

5. Will my child be able to keep the software?
Stanstead College software is for use during the school year. Prior to leaving Stanstead College for the summer or permanently, we will provide students with instructions for removing the school software and reformatting their laptop. Students/parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to remove all school-assigned software that they are not licensed for. It will be up to the student subsequently to purchase and install any desired software. Students who are graduating from Grade 11 or Grade 12 are entitled to a free upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Windows. A link will be provided.

6. Why do I have to purchase the Lenovo from the school’s supplier, Kezber?
For those purchasing via our ordering portal, Kezber has worked with our school for many years. The company was able to negotiate a very good price for the laptop package directly with Lenovo. Working with one supplier ensures consistency within the school regarding hardware, software, warranty coverage and support.