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Learning Resources

SC Style Guide

This resource offers teachers, employees and students tips and guidelines for writing in accordance with the Stanstead College style. As with all style guides, the goal here is not to distinguish right from wrong but to create a message that is clear and consistent.

As often as not, style is a question of taste rather than rules. People will fight to their grave in favour of the Oxford comma, but at Stanstead College we choose not to adopt it. That doesn't make us right. It makes us consistent across messaging. Just as we expect students to adhere to certain standards of dress, we need to be diligent in adhering to our standards of communication.
The Stanstead College Style Guide is based primarily on recommendations in the The Canadian Press Stylebook and Canadian Oxford Dictionary. These and other references are are available in the Advancement Office for consultation. However, in some cases, Stanstead’s style is Stanstead’s alone.

This guide will undoubtedly evolve over time, so we invite you to check back frequently. If you have any style questions or comments about the style guide, contact Ross Murray, Director of Communications.

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- last updated August 10, 2018