COVID Response Plan


Stanstead College, like all schools, was forced to respond quickly and adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19. To this end, all teachers were given professional development this spring to facilitate a change to online teaching and learning. Although far from ideal, the transition was by and large a success, with the vast majority of students and parents providing positive feedback.

In anticipation of a continued need for flexibility and adaptability, the College is continuing to invest in its IT infrastructure as well as in further training for teachers. Stanstead College has positioned itself as a leader in distance learning and will continue to be so.

Specific measures include:
  • Examining the need to increase our network bandwidth to support increased traffic;
  • Providing every teacher with a state-of-the-art laptop;
  • Upgrading all classrooms to enable a live broadcast of every class;
  • Investing in course-specific software to enhance in-class experience;
  • Integrating hardware strategies throughout classrooms to deliver a better virtual experience;
  • Providing teachers with ongoing support and training to further develop expertise in online teaching.