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Athlete of the Week: Mackenzy St-Pierre

In the last week, the senior girls rugby team, in dominant fashion, completed ETIAC league play (last Wednesday at MVR) and participated in the ETIAC playoffs (Monday at BCS). Over the course of this pivotal week, Mackenzy St-Pierre established herself as the most dominant kicker in the league (and probably out of all opponents we have played in 10s, 12s, 7s and 15s).

Her conversions have developed over the course of her season, but it is her drop kicking that really sets her apart. On restarts, she is able to place the ball so precisely that it almost always creates opportunities for her teammates to immediately win the ball back. In the championship game, Mackenzy opted to dropkick her conversions, and tallied an impressive 11 converts on the day. Congratulations, Mackenzy!