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Welcome to the new school year!

The 2018-19 school year began Wednesday at Stanstead College with the arrival of new students, with returning students coming back to campus Thursday.

In total, 233 students will be enrolled at Stanstead College this year. Of these 160 will be boarding students, 73 day students. There are 132 boys and 101 girls in Grades 7 to 12 coming to us from across Canada, the United States and 20 different countries.

This year's batch of prefects were out early Wednesday morning to welcome new arrivals and their families, directing them through the registration process. After moving into their residences, the schedule for the day included orientation activities, house meetings and a casino night in the student centre.

Other activities this week include the opening dinner, a bonfire, an opening dance, a day at Park Ranch and, of course, classes beginning on Friday.

Click here for the full opening week schedule.