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SG Basketball D2: Threepeat at MIST

Erik Van Dyke and Amy Wolfe
 Musings, observations and the occasional insight from our undefeated Gold Medal performance (Villa Maria 32-24, Trafalgar 44-14, Sacred Heart Halifax 43-26, The Study 28-15, West Island College 45-40, ECS 49-35) at the Montreal Independent Schools Tournament this past weekend.
 Before you could say “turkey & gravy”, our bid to defend our 2018 championship was in jeopardy, down 13-6 to Villa Maria after the opening 10 minutes of the tournament, marked by some truly abysmal defence. Seriously, had we EVER bumped or rotated or deflected a ball before? To the girls’ credit, though, they cleaned things up a bit, extended on Villa’s hot shooting #64, and went on a 17-0 run to take control of the game.
Our transition offence this tourney… wow, just wow. So many university-level pinpoint full-court passes from Mackenzy, so many great catches and full-speed finishes from Rosema and Emily and Rosy. Without our fast break, I doubt we beat ECS, and I’m sure we lose to WIC.
You gotta love Lea-Rose Remillard’s reaction after she hits a jump shot. As she starts sprinting back on D, she turns towards the bench, wide-eyed, happy but slightly confused, with her arms hanging low like a cocky NBA player celebrating a three-pointer. And when she hit 3 jumpers in 3 minutes vs Trafalgar, we got to see that expression a lot!
Red Lobster’s Dish Of The WeekTM Kenz’s lookaway fast break pass to Alyssa in the finals against ECS, faking out their superstar point guard for a pretty deuce.
I honestly can’t remember the last time I thought Emily Willis did the wrong thing on a basketball court. Her instincts and decision-making are un-be-lievable.
Alex Smith and Van Pham had their best defensive performances of the season. Properly positioned, communicating, active hands, and most importantly they get it. They know why they’re doing the things they’re doing.
Emily and Rosema Lefebvre were scorching hot from outside; every time they let it fly, I thought it was going in. I haven’t seen a sharpshooting Spartans duo like this since Chloanna Van Grapes from the 2016-17 season. Hmmm… Rosily Wilfebvre?... Emmary LeWillis?... J  
Our defensive effort vs The Study was as good as it’s been all year. No matter how much our opponent probed, there was just nowhere for them to go.
We’re not a big “inbounds play” team; we don’t have six different options, and we don’t work often on the options we do have. But we must have scored at least a dozen baskets directly off our inbounds plays this weekend, with Rosema, Emily and Alex just never missing.
Tournament MVP Mackenzy St-Pierre looked like a woman among girls this weekend, especially in the key, where she dominated the boards, challenged or blocked everything in sight, and poured in 62 pts in 6 games.
Both Jeniva C and Rosy Ladouceur played their best basketball of the year this past weekend. Jeniva was aggressive and engaged going after loose balls and on the glass, but with improved control and balance, while Rosy played more freely and instinctively, with increased confidence and less hesitation...
Heavyweight battle of the weekend; Kenz vs #21 from The Study. The Brawl in Montreal. Two talented players with similar skill sets who beat each other up in the post for 40 straight minutes. They both aren’t used to getting their shots blocked, that’s for sure!
Game Of The WeekendTM, the Semi vs WIC, as good as basketball gets. With both teams playing at their best, it was punch-counterpunch for 40 min. A shame a team had to lose that one, coulda gone either way.
Definition of GUT-CHECK: Rosy taking and making the clutch jumper in the final minute of the WIC game, after missing her first 8 jump shots of the tournament.
Definition of MOMENTUM BUILDER: Mackenzy’s putback off an offensive rebound to end the 1st half at the buzzer against ECS 33-23 in The Finals – the Spartans celebrated their way into halftime, while the ECS shoulders were slumped and sad.
And finally, the Highlight Of The Tournament? An easy choice, i.e. Alyssa MacPherson pumping
in 8 pts vs ECS in only 5 minutes, catching and finishing inside as only Alyssa can!
What a weekend! Congratulations, TEAM! Can’t wait to sign that banner!
- Coaches Van Dyke & Wolfe
The year so far….
Overall Record: 15 wins 2 losses      
RSEQ League Play: 2 wins 1 loss
Points for per game: 39.9     Points allowed per game: 32.0
Stanstead Invitational Tournament CHAMPIONS
M.I.S. Tournament CHAMPIONS