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Athlete of the Week: Tere Calva

Erik Van Dyke
This past weekend, the senior girls D3 basketball team started a tournament with only 7 players. Then, when two players got hurt, they were forced to play some games with only 5 players.
No subs, which is never done in basketball. Predictably, they ended up losing all 5 games they played by lopsided scores. What would you do if you were completely and utterly exhausted, with no substitutions, and no chance of winning? Most of us would fold. We would lose hope, and we would lose intensity. But not this team. These athletes never gave up, not for one second. They kept giving 100%, even when they had nothing left to give, and no chance of winning. Even though they could barely walk, they kept sprinting.

On behalf of her team, Tere Calva is this week’s Athlete Of The Week. As point guard, she had to bring up the ball, time after time, game after game, usually under full-court pressure. And despite the intense pressure and the frustration of turning the ball over, she stayed positive and set the tone for her teammates with her never-ending effort and stubborn refusal to quit. And her teammates followed her lead. Congratulations, to grade 8 student, Tere for being a true Spartan warrior, and for being named the Athlete of the Week!
Honourable Mentions
-Dominic Pokora (bantam hockey), for his ability, dedication and passion for hockey, at both ends of the ice
-Ivy Hu (curling), for her skill, her leadership, and her willingness to work with new curlers during practice to improve their skills