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Junior Science Fair Winners Announced

The annual Junior Science Fair was held this past Thursday, with 40 experiments exhibited by students in Grades 7, 8 and 9.

On Monday, prizes were awarded to the top presentations by grade. The winners were:

Grade 7
1st: Beatrice Ruf and Gloria Riddell - Testing the Whitening Properties of Different Toothpaste
2nd: William Towner and Beren Lovejoy - Friction on Different Surfaces
Honourable Mention: Avah St-Pierre Water - Sources of Bacteria Growth

Grade 8
1st: Elisabeth Godbout - Which Type of Pill Dissolves the Fastest
2nd: Georgia Bailey and Lucy Wang - Bending Light in Different Types of Water: Light Refraction
3rd: Krystine Breton - Which Solution Keeps Daisies Fresh the Longest?
Honourable Mention: Justin Bouchard and Elodie Roy - Does the Cold Protect You from Fire?

Grade 9
1st: Cynthia Zhang and Sage Lovejoy - Turning Heads: What Direction-based Behaviours are Related to Handedness?
2nd: Matthew Liddell Grainger and Charles Goudreau - Are you WIred? Computer RAM
3rd: Ella Yudo and Fernanda Rivas - The Mpemba effect: Does Hot Water Freeze Faster than Cold?
Honourable Mentions:
Joseph Riddell - Rechargeable Batteries: Which Type is the Most Efficient?
Alexia Moreau and Anna Aloi - Efficiency of Propellers

Congratulations to all the winners and participants. Parents can can view photos of our presenters on Vidigami.