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Winter Athletes Honoured at Assembly

For the second year in a row, Mackenzy St-Pierre earned the Bess Ferguson MVP Trophy for senior girls basketball, capping off a stellar basketball career at Stanstead College. She also received a Major S, her second of this school year and her fifth overall.

These prizes and many others were presented at the annual Winter Athletic Assembly, held at Centenary Church Wednesday evening.

“Kenz is simply one of the best players in Quebec,” said Coach Van Dyke. “Where she grew this year is as a leader. Mackenzy chose to foster and atmosphere of inclusiveness. Despite being better at basketball, it was never, ever about her. It was about her team.”

It was a first Major S as well as the Errol Amaron Trophy for Andrei Bucatel, Grade 11, forward for the senior boys basketball team. “One of our most consistent scorers and rebounders, when focused on the task at hand, Andrei was unstoppable,” said Coach Duane Liverpool.

For varsity boys hockey, seniors and first-time Major S winners Andrew Amousse and Richard Hall shared the Dawes MVP Trophy. “Quite frankly the key word for both of these players is that they are great sportsmen,” said Coach Matthew Thompson, describing Hall as wise beyond his year, Amousse as a cool and calm leader.

In varsity girls hockey, Laurence Frenette, Grade 10, and Hannah Johnson, Grade 12, shared the Dugie Ross Trophy and earned Major S sweaters for their season performance, Laurence a “no-maintenance player” who led in points, Hannah coming back from injury and earning 41 points in 50 games. “Both players play the game right every day,” said Coach Bernie Pimm.

The final MVP trophy, the Trustees’ Cup for swimming, went to Keita Oki, dedicated at practice, always looking for more and more to do, leading to a stellar performance in the championship final. Keita also received a Senior S for his performance.

Other Major S winners were Emily Willis for senior girls basketball; Alexis Bernier for senior boys basketball; Tamara Thierus and Marianne Picard for varsity girls hockey; Greg Lapointe and Cole Huckins for varsity boys hockey; and Kenya Desautels for volleyball.

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Junior Boys Basketball
Junior S – Justin Laforce, Beren Lovejoy, Diego Badillo
Sportsmanship – Diego Badillo

Junior Girls Basketball
Junior S – Mariama Barry
Sportsmanship – Corali Duguay

Bantam Hockey
Bantam S – Dominic Pokora
Sportsmanship – William Towner

Senior Girls D3 Basketball
Senior S – Tere Calva, Joliane Legault
Sportsmanship – Juliette Veilleux

Prep Boys Hockey
Senior S – Dante Pellegrino, Alexis Daniel, Jayden Mullens, Evan Gass
Sportsmanship – Martin Lefebvre, Andrew Bouchard

Senior S – Phil Martel, Gregoire Malbezin, Matthew Liddell-Grainger
Sportsmanship – Patricio Tamayo

Senior S – Vicky Azar, Valeria Rodriguez
Major S – Kenya Desautels
Sportsmanship – Alison Barlow

Senior S – Matt Campbell, Ivy Hu, Annie Tang
Sportsmanship – Ba Nam Nguyen

Bantam S – Simone Ruf
Senior S – Oscar Haase, Nurken Zhailaubay, Keita Oki
Trustees MVP Trophy – Keita Oki
Sportsmanship – Elisabeth Godbout

Senior Boys Basketball
Senior S – Richard Pan, Lucas Etienne, Nico Del Rio
Major S – Alexis Bernier, Andrei Bucatel
Amaron MVP Trophy – Andrei Bucatel
Sportsmanship – Quentin Dassault

Varsity Boys Hockey
Senior S – Thomas Scarfone, Brendan McCarthy
Major S – Andrew Amousse, Richard Hall, Greg Lapointe, Cole Huckins
Dawes MVP Trophy – Andrew Amousse, Richard Hall
Sportsmanship – Brendan McCarthy

Varsity Girls Hockey
Senior S – Audrey Choi, Emily Fortunato, Dominique Cormier
Major S – Tamara Thierus, Marianne Picard, Laurence Frenette, Hannah Johnson
Ross MVP Trophy – Hannah Johnson, Laurence Frenette
Sportsmanship – Erin Hinch

Senior Girls D2 Basketball
Senior S – Alex Smith, Rosemarie Ladouceur
Major S – Emily Willis, Mackenzy St-Pierre
Ferguson MVP Trophy – Mackenzy St-Pierre
Sportsmanship – Alex Smith, Abby Murray