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Waterloo Math Contest Achievers Announced

Lisa Smith, head of our Math/Science Department, announced Monday the top achievers among our students who wrote the annual University of Waterloo Math Contest.

This year, 75,043 students from 1500 schools wrote the contest in Grades 9 through 11. To be recognized, students must be in the top 25% of all students who wrote the contest.

In the Pascal (Grade 9) contest, Stanstead’s medalist was Xiao Yi (Joel) Xu, with certificates of distinction going to Zheyuan (Leo) Li (2nd) and Xinyu (Cynthia) Zhang (3rd). The team score placed Stanstead 3rd in our zone, 11th in the province and 165th in Canada. A total of 30,784 students wrote.

In the Cayley (Grade 10) contest, the medalist was Dingyi (Alicia) Wang. Second to fourth-place winners were: Andrew Bimm, Andrey Afanasyev and Arisa (Allysa) Shimada. The team score placed us 4th in our zone, 43rd in the province and 414th in Canada. A total of 23,650 students wrote.

In the Fermat (Grade 11) contest, our medalist was Jiyang (Roy) Lyu, with certificates of distinction awarded to Oscar Haase (2nd) and Yunuo (Lyn) Li (3rd). The team score placed us 3rd in our zone, 19th in the province and 229th in Canada. A total of 20,609 students wrote.