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New School Year Under Way

The 2019-20 school year is under way with the arrival of new and returning students. Classes begin Friday with 245 registered students – 180 boarders and 65 day students.

In the senior school (10-12) there are 171 students, with 74 in the junior school (7-9). We have 167 Canadian students and 68 international students.

New students arrived on campus Wednesday morning and, after the registration process, took part in orientation activities on Philip Field. Thankfully, the rain that made moving into residence somewhat tricky had moved off in time for the events. Activities carried on into the evening with Stanstead Discovery, a casino and pizza from the outdoor wood oven.

Returning students arrived Thursday with preparations ongoing for Friday’s opening classes. Activities continue through the weekend.

In addition to new students, we have six new faculty members this year:

Thomas Peasley – English, Cowen House Director
Mr. Peasley is going full circle by returning to Stanstead College; he was a day student here for six years before going to university in Ontario. After getting his B.Ed., he planned a year or two to Japan so he could pay off student loans; that year or two lasted for a decade. He has been working in education management for the past 12 years in Kingston, Ontario, and is happy to be coming back to Stanstead. He will also be assistant house director in Cowen House.

Shannon Garrett - Drama, Communications
Ms. Garrett will be teaching drama during Ms. Gagnon’s maternity leave and will be assisting with the school’s communications/social media. From Fairport, NY, she has a fine arts degree from St. Lawrence University and experience in social work and running a business. She will also be a house parent in Davis House.

Matthew De Carlo – English, Bugbee House Asst. Director
Mr. De Carlo is from Montreal, Quebec and will be teaching English, French and Geography. He completed his degree at Bishop's University and is looking forward to teaching in the Townships. He will also be assistant house director in Bugbee House.

Julie Bernier – Math
Born in Ontario, Ms. Bernier was raised in a military family, so she had the chance to live everywhere around Canada. Later, she came to Sherbrooke to study to become a math teacher, fell in love with the city and never left. After 13 years teaching at the College du Sacré-Coeur in Sherbrooke, she is now ready for a new challenge here at Stanstead College.

LaDonna Lamonth - Math
Ms. Lamonth made up her mind at the age of 12 that she would become a mathematics teacher. She was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica and studied at the University of West Indies and Concordia University, where she played basketball. She is also a member of the Jamaican National Women’s Basketball team and has represented Quebec in the Canadian National Netball Championships for the past three years This is her fifth year teaching but her first year teaching in Canada.

Amy Laroche - Art
Ms. Laroche studied at Bishop’s University and will be teaching art. She is from a large family and in North Lancaster, Ontario with a hobby farm composed of horses, cats and a dog and surrounded by maple bush and rolling hills. She is excited about sharing her passion for art with the students.