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Stanstead College COVID-19 Response: March 16

School to Move to Online Instruction
In response to the threat posed by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today the closing of Canada’s borders to all non-nationals as of March 18, with the exception of permanent residents and U.S. citizens. This is in addition to the decision by Quebec Premier François Legault on Friday, March 13 to close all schools for a period of two weeks and requiring 14-day self-isolation for all those who have travelled abroad.

Given these constraints and the indefinite timeline for their enforcement, Stanstead College has taken the decision to begin the third term using online solutions to deliver the critical elements of our core curriculum. This will ensure that, should the school not be able to re-open this academic year, our students will be able to meet their course requirements and be prepared for the next academic level.

The campus will remain closed indefinitely; as of April 13 we will begin delivering content online. Details will be provided as soon as possible.

Furthermore, given the uncertain nature of travel, we are recommending that all international students currently in Canada make arrangements to return home as soon as possible. Again, we will follow up with next steps in the coming days.

Please recognize that the situation is changing rapidly – even hourly – as we all live through these unprecedented circumstances. Our primary objectives remain your child’s well-being and the successful achievement of their education goals.

We will be in touch shortly with further details, bearing in mind that the situation continues to evolve. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.