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SG Basketball Earns RSEQ Sportsmanship Banner

The 2019-20 Senior Girls Basketball Spartans have been presented the sportsmanship banner for their league division.
The girls won the RSEQ Ethiques Sportive banner for the Eastern Townships Juvenile Girls Div. III. The RSEQ bases its sportsmanship criteria around the Three R's: respect for self, respect for others, responsibility for one’s own actions. These values must applied to all aspects of the sports, including notions of fairness, positive spirit, standing up to bullying and abuse, health and the safety of others.

"What this means is all the teams in Div III had to vote on which team they thought was the classiest and showed the most sportsmanship, which team always played their hardest but who never played dirty or whined to the referees or argued amongst themselves or disrespected their opponents," wrote Coach Erik Van Dyke to his players. "So us winning this prestigious award means that our opponents’ coaches see us as the best example of sportsmanship in the league; us, the little English private school, the newest team in the RSEQ!"

This is the second time in three years of eligibility that the Spartans have won the sportsmanship banner since joining the RSEQ in 2016-17. They won it that first year. The following year they were not eligible due to an overage player.

Being recognized like this is a real honour, and makes me SO happy as a coach!" said Mr. Van Dyke. "I am exceptionally proud. Sometimes we go 37-4 like we did in 2018, and sometimes we go 17-21; but no matter what our record, our goal every year is to set the bar for how high school sports should be played. I could not be prouder of you girls right now. We maximized our potential this season, we worked our butts off, we improved like crazy, we almost won the Bailly, we finished 3rd at the MacLeod, and through it all we maintained our reputation for class and sportsmanship."

The banner will find a home in the Mackay Gymnasium.