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Stanstead Closes Year with Online Baccalaureate

Oscar Haase of Montgomery, Vt., was among the top prize winners at Stanstead College’s closing Baccalaureate and Prize-Giving, held online this past Saturday.
Unable to gather together, the international student body, faculty, parents and friends watched the speeches and presentations as a YouTube premiere. Many of the speeches were recorded at Centenary Church, the traditional site of the end-of-year celebration.

Prior to the ceremony, graduating seniors were mailed grad boxes that included their alumni pin or tie, a class shirt, messages, a folder for their diploma and more.

After the naming of the graduates and other academic prize winners, special prizes were announced in the special video.

Senior Oscar Haase was recipient of the Donald McG. Hackett Prize for Creativity (in one or more areas of school life); the Grade 12 Math, Chemistry and Physics Prizes; the Technology Prize (for a significant contribution to furthering the use of technology in learning & community); the Spofforth Trophy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics; the Arthur E. Curtis Jr. Award for the top student entering an engineering program; and the Birks’ Silver Medal for the highest overall average in Grade 12.

In addition, Oscar received the Allan Family Cup, awarded to a student who has shown exceptional friendship, camaraderie, kindness and support to all members of the school community across age, gender, language, cultural, and other boundaries.

The school’s top prize, the Pitcher Memorial Prize (awarded to the student who as exerted the greatest influence for good), was presented to graduating student and co-head prefect Jérémie Gagnon of Dieppe, NB.

The Wilder Shield, awarded to the junior student with the most positive influence, went to Dominic Pokora, Grade 9, of Stanstead.

The Head of School’s Award, awarded to an active and positive citizen in the Stanstead College community, went to “lifer” Ba Nam Nguyen of Boucherville, Que.

The Governor General’s Medal for the highest average in Grade 11 went to Dingyi “Alicia” Wang of Nanjing, China, who also won the Grade 11 Chemistry Prize, Amaron Prize for French. The Birks’ Bronze Medal for the highest average in Grade 10 went to Marc-Antoine Gobeil of Drummondville, who also captured the Chemistry Prize, Physics Prize, and the Sybil Galambos Prize for Francais.
Top averages in the junior grades were Xinyue “Lucy” Wang of Montreal, who won the Grade 9 Science Prize, English Prize, History Prize, Technology Prize, Mathematics Prize and the Amaron Prize for French; in Grade 8, a tie between Avah St-Pierre of Ogden, Que. (Art Prize, Music Prize, Geography Prize; Kenneth Reed Memorial Award) and Gloria Riddell of Barnston West, Que. (Science and Technology Prize, the Sybil Galambos Prize for Francais, Kathleen Harper Junior Public Speaking Award); and in Grade 7 Rodrigo Aceves Hernandez of Guadalajara, Mexico who won the Science/Technology Prize, English Prize, Geography Prize, Math Prize, History & Citizenship Prize and the Amaron Prize for French.

The service also saw the presentation of athletic awards, including the Shirley Wolter Trophy for the senior girl athlete of the year, presented to Elisabeth Shane of Stanstead East, Que. Devon De Vries of Saint-Lazare, Que. earned both the Thomas Johnson Memorial Trophy as the top male athlete and the Bowman Hall Award as a male Major S award winner with the highest overall average. The Trueman-McFadyen Award for the female Major S award winner with the highest average went to Laurence Frenette of Boisbriand, Que.

You can find the full prize list here.

The guest speaker for the event was Dr. Necola Guerrina, Class of 2009. Dr. Guerrina received her BSc (honours biology) from Mount Allison and in 2018, earned her PhD in pathology from McGill, winning several accolades at local, national and international levels for her research on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She now works as a medical writer in the Business Development Office of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, where she supports clinicians and scientists in acquiring research funding.

Recording her presentation at Centenary, Dr. Guerrina spoke on how new experiences open doors and how opening these doors empowers you with the freedom to choose where to go next.

“Stanstead College has positioned you well on your way to truly understanding your unique strengths, weaknesses and passions because it continually challenges you to embrace new experiences,” she said. “Every time you took a new class; participated in a club that was outside of your comfort zone; pushed yourself to the limits on the court, field or ice trying to beat BCS in those game-winning finals; or when you stayed up after lights-out talking to your roommate from another part of the world. In each of those moments, you were embracing new experiences, and all the while, gaining a better understanding of who you are.”

The Grade 12 Class of 2020 consisted of 57 students, who received offers from a total of 100 schools in Canada, the USA and around the world. The most popular school was Concordia University, Montreal, with 10 students accepting offers, with the most popular major being business. To date, the scholarship dollars offered to the class of 2020 is over $2 million.