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Almost Ready for the New School Year

Many international students arrived on campus early this week and are currently serving their 14-day quarantine in residence. It’s long and tedious but most understand that it’s for the greater good to protect the school community and our outside community as well.

Upon arrival on campus (day and night!), the students first underwent a health check from one of our school nurses. Then it was into residence. The students have daily outside time and have their meals brought to them.

Our prefects recently offered some words of encouragement. Those prefects not in quarantine already arrive on campus Monday, September 7.

On Wednesday, September 9, our new domestic boarding students arrive at designated periods in the afternoon. They too will stop at the health-check tent on the front lawn followed by a stop at the Business Office tent, also on the front lawn. Then it’s unpacking in residence.

On Thursday, September 10, returning domestic boarding students check in followed by day students (both new and returning). The routine will be the same for them.

All students, whether arriving or distance-learning to begin the year, should check in with their advisors via Microsoft Teams as soon as possible.  

Classes begin Friday, starting with a check-in with advisors at 8:10 and Period 1 at 8:30. To begin the year, assemblies will be held Mondays outside the student centre, but there will be an exceptional assembly Friday at 10:00 to offer introductions and instructions.

Despite school-wide COVID protocols and restrictions, there are a number of events planned for opening week and the weekend. Look for more details soon.

Full Opening Week Schedule