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Lesson of Gratitude

Rosemary Lefebvre, Grade 11
It has been 81 days since we all arrived at the College. We only have ten days left before we leave for Christmas break; we will temporarily leave what many of us like to call our second home.

A lot has happened in the past 81 days. Some of you experienced a new sport. Some of you have learned to make your bed. Others have tried new food, learned a new language, or saw snow for the first time. Some of you got to experience being an online student while others experienced the boarding life for the first time, just like me. We should be grateful for all these experiences.

Two weeks ago, Mrs. Caruthers asked us to write on a leaf what we are grateful for. Some of you talked about your family, your friends, your health, and more. What I wrote on my leaf made me reflect. Three years ago, my brother was standing here giving his prefect speech. In his speech, he compared life to a deck of cards. He mentioned how lucky we are to be where we are right now. Personally, I think where we are right now is something to be grateful for. We have food on the table every day, we are healthy, have loving families and friends, and have so much more to be grateful for.

After being here for a couple years, I have noticed that we often like to complain. We complain about the food, the rules, the tests, the practice schedule and even the weather. While we only have a couple days left before break, I think we should try to focus on how grateful we are to have the chance to be here. Being grateful can be as simple as saying, “well at least I get to practice.” It can be shown by being excited that the cafeteria is serving your favorite meal this week. Even though it’s raining today, the sun is supposed to shine over the weekend. Although I know you might miss the comfort of your home, I know I definitely do, I can promise you that you will miss life here on campus. Moments like waking up next to your roommate, blasting music in the locker room or your walk to practice with your friends, your late-night talks and my favorite, Webster girls’ cereal study. Each of us has daily moments that we treasure even though they seem simple. Be aware of these moments while they are within your reach.

A wise man that we all know once told me that people that live with gratitude live happier lives. Mr. Van Dyke says he is a living proof of it. People living with gratitude tend to be happier as the first thing they think about in the morning is how lucky and grateful they are for the life that they have.

As we are living in a time of uncertainty, it is important to acknowledge what we are grateful for. We won’t be able to return to campus life for over a month. As we left campus so unexpectedly last year, a lot of you have learned a lesson in gratitude. You became more aware of the impact that the small things have and how quickly it can all go away.  This week try to be more aware of the opportunity and privilege you have to be on campus. Make the most out of the next ten days as you might regret not getting more involved. When we are living in a time of such uncertainty today is a gift full of possibility and things to be grateful for. Allow yourself to experience some new things to be grateful for. I will now leave you on this quote by Robert Brault ‘’Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things’’

Thank you