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Pleasure in New Things

By Yuchen (Leo) Shi, Grade 12
Two years ago, I applied to be a prefect. And today I want to talk about my journey of being a prefect.
It was the first year that I was studying at Stanstead College, everything was very new to me. I had to make new friends, live in a new environment and study harder subjects.
Luckily, I adapted to it quickly, and I enjoyed being here. I really wanted to bring my experince at Stanstead to the next level and try more roles that were new to me. So, I applied to be a prefect. But because of COVID, I never got to train to be a prefect before I started doing the job all by myself. I didn’t know what was coming.

The first day of school, when all the new students arrived, my job was very easy, because COVID restricted many things from happening. So, I thought that it would be a very easy and relaxing year for me being a prefect. However, things didn’t go as planned in the first week of school. Many kids just seemed to not have any homework and really liked to socialize during study time. Even after I told them to be quiet and not interrupt other students, they would still be chatting after I went back to my room. I was very stressed out and didn’t know what to do, I even had a lot of homework that added to my stress. In the beginning, I would just walk back and forth in the hallway telling people to be quiet, that took a lot of time, and I had to study until midnight. I didn’t ask for any help from other prefects or house directors, I thought I could handle everything myself.

But I was wrong, things didn’t become better, and I had reached my limit. I decided to talk to my house directors and prefects about it. They gave me a lot of useful advice and offered help. From then on, everything started to get better and better every day. I learned to ask for help and communicate with my peers when I was stuck with problems. I learned to not always try to do everything myself but to work as a team. I would not have learned all these things if I didn’t apply to be a prefect, if I didn’t want to try.

I also have plenty of other experiences that would not have happened if I didn’t apply to be a prefect, like being a leader in house activities. I would help with brainstorming and setting up for school events, also doing duties once a week. Honestly, I’m glad that I did all those things, it brought me a lot of new experiences and I learned a lot from it.
So, I also challenge all of you to try something new, to do a job that you never did before, talk to someone who you never talked to before, and try new activities or sports that you never tried before. You may start loving it, just like I did.