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Hockey Players of the Month (December)

Arianne Leblanc, Grade 11 from Repentigny, Qc, is the defensive player of the month for the varsity girls. Arianne was put to the test during the CAN/USA Cup in Kitchener, Ont.. During this tournament, she faced a total of 77 shots from some of the best teams in Canada. She was a crucial component to the 2-1 win against London and the 4-2 win against Kingston. With her strong presence in net, it gave the players the peace of mind to be creative and make high risk plays in the other end. She was crucial to the team’s success that weekend. In total, she recorded 2W-1T, 3GA, 1 SO, .940 SV%. 
For the second month in a row, Emma Kreisz, Grade 12 from Hungary, is named the offensive player of the month for the varsity girls hockey team. At the beginning of December, the varsity girls competed in the CAN/USA Cup in Kitchener, Ont. It was here they faced their toughest competition so far, playing some of the top-ranked teams in Canada. The girls had to step up if they wanted to compete with these teams, and one of the first to step up was Emma. In a total of 5 games, she recorded 3 goals and 3 assists, contributing on 6 of the team’s 11 goals that weekend. With her hard shot and her play-making abilities, the opponents never knew if she was going to pass or shoot. She played an aggressive, confident and dominant weekend, making it extremely hard for the other teams to contain her. Ultimately, Emma found a way to contribute offensively and helped the team defeat some of the best teams in Canada.
Moritz Lackner, a Grade 12 from Austria, is the defensive player of the month for the varsity boys. An extremely aware forward who has been a top player in the +\- category all year, Moritz’s good habits on the ice always have him in defensively sound positioning. This creates situations where the team can easily rely on him against other teams’ tops players. At the Lawrenceville Tournament in New Jersey, Moritz also played some minutes on the defensive end 5 on 5, and he has become a very reliable point player on the power play, showing a great ability to hold the offensive blue line. 
Jeremy Leroux, a Grade 10 from Mirabel, Qc, is the offensive player of the month for the varsity boys. With standout efforts against Cushing and Choate in particular, this young player was asked a lot with a depleted team. Jeremy’s ability to create scoring chances and shoot the puck made him a constant offensive threat. A selfless player, Jeremy has used the last month to really strive to be better at attacking a defender to get the puck where he wants it, which is on his stick, where the magic can happen.