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Maturity = Responsibility

By Yuzhe (Kevin) Shi
A lot of the time we hear our teachers, coaches, and parents saying, “You have got to be more mature.” So, what does it mean to become more mature? A lot of you may say, acting like an adult. But adults can also make mistakes, a few even wind up in jail. In my opinion, being mature is to become independent, take responsibility, and accept the result of your actions.  
Life is like a race, where the opponent will not be easy on you because you are smaller. You will only be respected by the opponents when you become strong enough. But there will be coaches that help you to improve off the track, like our family, teachers, and friends. However, when you step on the track only you can control the result of the race. Taking responsibility for your actions is very important because the person who knows the most about you is yourself, and no one else can make better decisions in your life than yourself. 

For me, the best decision I made was to move to Canada, because this is the kind of life I wanted. Next, accept the consequences of your decisions. We all cannot predict the future. When bad things happen, learning to accept them can help you deal with them more easily. Because of my decision of moving to Canada, I missed many important moments in my life. In the beginning, I used to think, “What if I never came to Canada?” However, that way of thinking was useless as I couldn’t change the things that had already happened. So, I accepted the consequences of my decisions and used those regrets as my motivation to become better and gain more things to make up for what I had missed out on.  

My final opinion is: becoming mature means being independent, that you are responsible for all the decisions you make and the repercussions of these decisions. Therefore, think about the consequences before every action you take, think about the influences on you and the people around you.