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SG Basketball Trip to New Brunswick

Heading into the second half of our season it was looking like we’d go two years without an overnight trip. We as coaches were determined to not let that happen. So, we reached out to friends who we normally see every year at CAIS and were lucky enough to head to NB – we are SO thankful! Although we lost both games, we improved immensely in the second game and learned a lot about who we are as a team. I’ve never been so happy to watch Coach Carter or listen to the loud singing on the bus or sit in the lobby until 11:30 pm talking about nothing and everything or see this team enjoy every second they had together. These three days reminded me why I coach and why I love it so much. Thanks to the whole team for the great memories! J  – Coach Wolfe 
To the team: You have no idea how disappointed I was that I wasn’t able to go. But you also have no idea how thrilled I was that you guys WERE able to go. For some of you it was the only team overnight trip you’ll get in your SC career. So the fact that you all enjoyed it so much – it makes me feel as happy as Coach Carter did when he walked into that gym and saw everyone studying – never forget, you are all “powerful beyond measure”! – Coach Van Dyke