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Putting Problems in Perspective

By Alice Sauriol, Grade 12
Just like me, you might feel overwhelmed lately. The infamous COVID-19 seems like it’s taking control of our world. Practices, games and tournaments are being cancelled here and there. And it might feel like this chaos will never end. Well, I'm not here to tell you that it “isn’t that bad” or that it is “all over very soon.” And I am not here to downplay the whole situation and make you feel that there isn’t any problem and that it is no big deal. I am just here to say that there are other bigger deals.
We have all heard the news lately and seen the harsh videos of the reality happening just on the other side of the world. With this war happening, our once huge problems and issues seem to lessen in importance. When we see families desperately searching for shelter, moms holding their children while trying to shield them from the dangerous world, bombs going off in public areas, and homes being destroyed to pieces… we find ourselves thankful for the simplest things like the food we have in front of us or the heated classroom we walk into on a winter day. It is moments like these that make us step back and look at the world from a different perspective.
The Ukraine and Russian war is not the only situation in the world that makes us appreciate what we have. You heard the common saying “stop complaining, people in the world don't have food.” Well, this stands true, especially during these times. Hunger affects 9.9% of the population, 153 million children worldwide are orphans, and 94% of the global population lack essential health care services.
COVID itself is a global problem we are all trying to fight, and millions of us here have lost loved ones due to the virus and have suffered its consequences.
Reflecting on these numbers and facts makes tournament cancellations or the bad grade on my Physics test seem dumb and insignificant. It is these situations happening all over the world that make us feel lucky to be at school, healthy and surrounded by friends.
These situations that we have no control over make us take into perspective and appreciate what we do have. With everything going on in the world, I hope you feel for those in need and I hope the little challenges we face day to day seem less of a big deal to you, knowing others’ reality. However, we should never think our personal problems are non-existent and treat them with less importance, but hopefully these greater global situations help you scale the gravity of your problems and help you become more appreciative of your situation.
So sleep tight, enjoy every meal, talk with your friends, find a way to surpass your day-to-day challenges, and most of all… be thankful.