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What Would Batman Do?

By Maximiliano Pedicelli, Grade 12
A family outing one day turned into an absolute tragedy as a family of three, father mother and a son, left the cinema through an alley way. As they exited, they found themselves being confronted by a mugger. First thing the father did was to move his wife and son behind him and tried to mitigate the situation by offering the mugger anything he could ask for: jewelry, money, car keys, all while prioritizing the safety of his own family.

Before he could even take out his wallet, the trigger had already been pulled twice. One round shot his wife dead. And the next him. The son stood alone in the middle of the alley, helpless. With nothing in the way, the mugger took the wallet and the shiny white pearls from the wife’s necklace and ran away, sparing the son’s life. The now orphan would be raised by his family butler and would later inherit his parent’s billion-dollar fortune.
I’m sure by now you have realized that this is how The Batman came to be. Despite the many actors that have borne the mask, the underlying component of each of their stories was that their character had suffered the same moment that would later mold their future. Along with Batman, every hero we see in movies goes through a set of events that plot them on the course they will lead in their lives. Beyond the fictional world of heroes and villains, this pattern applies to the everyday humans.
For most it probably won’t be as traumatic as what I mentioned earlier, but each and every single one of you will eventually face adversity. For some it may have already happened, but each person will always have that marking experience that will serve as a driving factor to overcome anything thrown at you, that life changing moment that will rewire the way you approach situations and your ability to prevail over said situations.
I believe that everyone needs a push, a reason, a goal that they are trying to work towards. Whether you already know it or not, you will need that motivation gained from that experience to push through difficulties on the route to achieving said goal. For Batman, it was to eradicate crime in Gotham, so no one had to suffer the same pain he did. For a student at Stanstead College, it may be to ace your test next week, so your parents aren’t disappointed on your next report card.
Another key thing you can take away from someone striving to achieve their goals is their inability to quit. No matter how many times you fail, you need to find a way to pick yourself back up, learn from your mistakes and continue what you started. If at some point you feel like you’re satisfied, or like you’ve run into a dead end, remind yourself why you started. There will always be a way for you to be better; your job is to go and figure out what that means for yourself. Above all else, make sure you never fall right back where you started.