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Winter Assembly Honours Top Athletes

Closing a season that was interrupted by a COVID surge, only to see teams finish strong, the Winter Athletic Assembly Tuesday evening celebrated the triumphs, lessons and top performances of the past several months.
The MVP trophy recipients for the varsity hockey teams were also both first-time recipients of Major S awards. Girls captain Stéphanie Bourque was recognized for her consistency and leadership and for being a warrior on the ice. For the varsity boys, coach Matthew Thompson said Aksel Jalojarvi made a difference in all three zones and showed tremendous respect and love for the game.
“I would simply not have wanted to have played a game without him,” he said.
In senior girls D3 basketball, Rosemary Lefebvre shared the MVP trophy for the second straight year. This year, the Grade 12 veteran was co-winner with second-year Grade 9 student Melissa Kakayuk-Antoine. Coach Erik Van Dyke noted Kakayuk-Antoine was the team’s most well-rounded player with a high basketball IQ. He called Lefebvre an impact player who has developed beautifully over four seasons, but especially noted her love for her team and the game. Both players also received Major S awards.
For senior boys D4 basketball, team captain Jorge Correia earned the second MVP trophy of his Stanstead career (soccer 2020) along with his first Major S for basketball. Coach Duane Liverpool described Correia as a leader both vocally and physically, perhaps the most talented in the league and an example of what hard work and dedication can do.
First-ever MVP trophies were also awarded for prep boys and girls hockey. For the boys, Eli Antoine was recognized for being the leading goal scorer and an honest, humble teammate. For the girls, leading scorer Rosalie Bouchard was recognized for her great potential and her ability to tilt the game in her team’s favour. Both players also received a Senior S.
Other Major S winners were Sofia Paradis (volleyball); Chaka Ntumba-Muntu, Nathan Garnier, Jeremy Leroux, Liam Steele (varsity boys hockey); and Gracie Gilkyson, Emma Kreisz (varsity girls hockey)

Full list of prize winners:
Junior Boys Basketball
Sportsmanship: Gonzalo Tapia Cardenas

Senior Girls D4 Basketball
Senior S: Halle Khanna
Sportsmanship: Dora Kleinekampmann, Sarah Leasure

Senior Girls D3 Basketball
Bess Ferguson MVP Trophy and Major S: Melissa Kakayuk-Antoine, Rosemary Lefebvre
Sportsmanship: Siena Webster

Senior Boys D4-1 Basketball
Senior S: Josh Lippmann, Shun Hatano
Sportsmanship: Mauricio Lopez Sanchez
Senior Boys D4 Basketball
EC Amaron MVP Trophy & Major S: Jorge Correia
Senior S: Jack Lippmann, Justin Bouchard
Sportsmanship: Justin Bouchard
Major S: Sofia Paradis
Senior S: Lisa Patenaude, Maya Leroux, Alexandra Hoch
Sportsmanship: Ariadna Duran Bernal

Bantam S: Roger Roger Marcoux
Junior S: Emiliano Ibarra, Braden Chastanet
Sportsmanship: Braden Chastanet
Senior S: Rachel Chan, Jerome Sayeur
Sportsmanship: Sofia Martinez Ajzenman
Senior S: Anais Grappe, Eric Zhang 
Sportsmanship: Thomas Leblanc 

U15/U18 Hockey
Junior S (U15): Gabriel Poitras, Liam Huckins
Junior S (U18): Rylee Yip
Senior S (U18): Denis Vittenberg
Sportsmanship (U18): Will Towner

Prep Boys Hockey
MVP Trophy and Senior S: Eli Antoine
Senior S: Juho Virtanen, Antoine Remillard, Dominic Pokora, Marcus Krats, Zev Brown
Sportsmanship: Cédric Beauregard

Prep Girls Hockey
MVP Trophy and Senior S: Rosalie Bouchard
Senior S: Maelie Pion, Emma MacIntyre, Jamie Arsenault
Sportsmanship: Alexa Gagné
Varsity Boys Hockey
Dawes MVP Trophy and Major S: Aksel Jalojarvi
Major S: Chaka Ntumba-Muntu, Nathan Garnier, Jeremy Leroux, Liam Steele
Sportsmanship: Rihito Hamano

Varsity Girls Hockey
Dugie Ross MVP Trophy and Major S: Stéphanie Bourque 
Major S: Gracie Gilkyson, Emma Kreisz    
Senior S: Megane Pilon, Svenja Voigt, Béatrice Perron-Roy, Karel Préfontaine, Arianne Leblanc, Elodie Roy
Sportsmanship: Camille Richard