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School Sports End with Spring Assembly

The 2021-22 sports season drew to an official close Tuesday evening with the Spring Athletic Assembly, with a number of the top prizes going to younger players.
Laura Bellini, Grade 12, earned her second Major S award of the year and picked up the Roger Marino MVP Trophy for senior girls soccer. Coach Eryn Hessian called Laura an “instant leader who took control quickly and loudly, allowing teammates to focus on one thing at a time.”
Laura had previously won a Major S for soccer.
In senior boys rugby, Shun Hatano, Grade 10, won his first Major S and the Donald Ross MVP Trophy. Coach Adam Spirk praised his speed and agility, saying Shun had the “best hands and best pass of any player I’ve ever coached.”
Matteo Paradis, Grade 10, won the Alex Philip Shield for golf along with a Major S. The shield is awarded to the lowest cumulative average score. Coach Lisa Smith called Matteo and excellent golfer who demonstrates impeccable etiquette and respect for the sometimes fussy rules of the game, a true pleasure to play with.  
Boys lacrosse awarded a Major S and the MVP award to Iain Olsen, Grade 9. “If you arrived too late to a game, you might already have missed him because I pulled him because he’d scored too many goals already,” said Coach Simon Winquist. Scoring some big goals at key times, Iain was also noted for being humble and respectful.
Aksel Jalojarvi won his second Major S of the year in lacrosse, having earned his first (and MVP trophy) for hockey.
Earning their first Major S awards were Antoine Rémillard (tennis). Maria Teresa Calva-Xolalpa (SG rugby), Chaz Grenier (SB rugby), Alice Sauriol and Béatrice Perron-Roy (badminton).
Full List of Prize Winners
Senior Boys Rugby
Major S & Donald Ross MVP Trophy: Shun Hatano
Major S: Chaz Grenier
Senior S: Logan Béasse, Jorge Correia, Max Pedicelli
Sportsmanship: Jack Lippmann
Senior Girls Rugby
Major S & Roger Marino Cup: Laura Bellini
Major S: Maria Teresa Calva-Xolalpa
Senior S: Camryn Moore, Gloria Riddell, Maya Leroux, Julia Rutenberg, Lydia Walsh
Sportsmanship: Katharina Berger
Junior Girls Rugby
Junior S: Melissa Kakayuk, Valerie Lin, Arielle Houde
Sportsmanship: Miranda Angel Garcia
Junior Boys Rugby
Junior S: Mason Béasse, Noah Grenier, Josuke Madura
Sportsmanship: Gabriel Poitras
Boys Lacrosse
Major S & MVP: Iain Olsen
Major S: Aksel Jalojarvi
Senior S: Lorenzo Bono, Ian Nicholson
Sportsmanship: Benoit Forget
Girls Lacrosse
Senior S: Riho Sasamoto, Silvia Chiang, Anika Curri, Sofia Paradis, Mégan Pilon
Sportsmanship: Madeline Lippmann
Major S: Antoine Rémillard
Tennis Shield: Siena Webster & Antoine Rémillard
Senior S: Vivian Dahms, Jan Haars, Leo Shi, Kevin Shi, Caleb MacDonald, Siena Webster
Sportsmanship: Erika Roy
Major S: Alice Sauriol & Béatrice Perron Roy
Senior S: Ryan Yung
Junior S: Jamie Arsenault
Bantam S: Melanie Li
Sportsmanship: Julia Schunicht
Senior S: William Dee
Sportsmanship: Camille Richard
Major S and Alex Philip Trophy: Matteo Paradis
Senior S: Cédric Brauregard
Junior S: William Towner, Alexandra Hoch
Bantam S: Maddyn Labor
Sportsmanship: Will Tario
Season and playoff champs: Expos
MVPs: Dominic Pokora, Anderson Trider
Sportsmanship: Avah St-Pierre, Ben Smith

All-Campus League
Winner: West

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