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SC 150

The 150th is here, this is a time to celebrate, reminisce on old memories and create new ones. Joins us as we celebrate the past and look forward to the future that we will build together.

Our History

In the fall of 1872, construction began on a new school in Stanstead. It was to be a Wesleyan school, and it would serve both the local border community and residential students from elsewhere. In December of that year, the cornerstone was laid and letters of incorporation signed.

Over the next 150 years, Stanstead College would change and evolve, sometimes by circumstance -- a devastating fire in 1938 -- sometimes by choice -- becoming boys-only in 1958... and back to co-ed in 1979. The school has weathered World Wars, the Depression, recessions, political and social upheaval. It has survived the Spanish flu and, now, COVID-19. Through it all, Stanstead College has set thousands of young women and men from around the world on the road to success and a bright future.

Rooted in tradition, always looking forward, Stanstead College will mark the 150th anniversary of its founding through a series of celebrations and events beginning in the fall of 2022 and running through 2023. We look forward to sharing our history and our Stanstead family's stories with you. Watch this space for updates and information.

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