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Employee Directory

General Information

Direct Line: 819 876-7891 + extension
School Office: 819 876-2702
Admissions: 819 876-2223 admissions@stansteadcollege.com
Business Office: 819 876-5876 business@stansteadcollege.com
Alumni: 819 876-7891, ext. 225 advancement@stansteadcollege.com

Head of School: Michael Wolfe, ext. 230
Associate Head of School: Joanne Carruthers, ext. 231
Dean of Students: Roger Marino, ext. 247
Director of Admissions: Patrick Fraser, ext. 307
Director of Academics: Andrew Blair, ext. 293
Director of Advancement: Jesse McRae, ext. 224
Director of Athletics: Adam Spirk, ext. 234
Director of Hockey Operations: James Rioux, ext. 289
Director of Finance: Farrah Cabana, ext. 223
Director of Facilities: Michael Huckins, ext. 267
Director of Communications: Ross Murray 270


Safe Arrivals Line for Day Students
If your child will be absent, please call
819 876-7891, ext. 499

(819) 347-5839

Health Centre
819 876-7891, ext. 264 healthcentre@stansteadcollege.com
Cell: 481 284-9243

819-876-7891 ext 261

IT Helpdesk

Website inquiries

Mailing Address
450 Dufferin Street
Stanstead, Quebec
Canada J0B 3E0

P.O. Box 476
Derby Line, VT 05830

Student Houses

Phone 819 876-7891 followed by extension

Bugbee (Boys Gr. 7-9)
House Director (Magali Gagnon): ext. 252
Ass't House Director (Allie Fraser): ext. 251; Erica Masotto
TOD office: ext. 275  

Davis (Boys Gr. 10-11)
House Directors (Simon Winquist): ext. 254; (Patrick Ruwe): ext. 253
TOD office: ext. 276 

Webster (Girls Gr. 7-11)
House Director (Monica Schafer): ext. 258
Ass't House Director (Ana Pajovic): ext. 257
TOD office: ext. 277 

Cowen (Grade 12)
House Director - boys (Thomas Peasley)
House Director - girls (Shannon Pimm)
Ass't House Director - boys (Courtney Tougas)
Ass't House Director - girls (Ladonna LaMonth)
TOD Office - ext. 274