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  • September

    The Power of Vulnerability

    By Rosemary Lefebvre, Grade 12
    Welcome to this new chapter of your life. I am not here today to give you the classic “get out of your comfort zone” speech, but hear me out. Four years ago, I was in the same place as 130 of you. Homesick, even though I lived 30 minutes away. I hardly spoke English and I was scared. Scared of coming to a new school where I did not know a single soul except my Grade 12 brother who honestly did not care to hang out with me.
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  • Get ready for culture shock!

    By Andrea Schmitt
    Welcome to Stanstead! Or welcome back to Stanstead!
    If you are a day student or a boarding student, welcome! You are back on campus, and Stanstead life is going to become a reality! If this is your first fall on campus or your sixth, the start of the school year is always, let’s say, “interesting,” and it is ambiguous. Ambiguous meaning “being open to more than one interpretation” or “having double meaning.” On the one hand, I am sure you are excited, and on the other hand, you may dread this situation. Your heart and mind are still on vacation, and your body is in this little town in Canada.
    What to do…?
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  • July

    Former Spartan Picked by Calgary Flames

    Former Spartan Cole Huckins (2017-2019) was drafted into the NHL Saturday by the Calgary Flames, the second Stanstead player to be picked by Flames within the past ten year.
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  • May

    (l-r) Courtney Tougas, Head Coach; Kyra Borsoi, Assistant Coach; Frank Longo, Goalie Coach

    Prep U16 Girls Coaching Staff Named

    Courtney Tougas has been named the head coach of Stanstead College's first-ever prep U16 girls hockey team.
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  • April

    Campus Planned Updates

    Over the next several months, Stanstead College will see many new changes. We are excited to give the Stanstead community a look at what is ahead for campus.
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  • March

    VG Hockey prize winners Stephanie Bourque (Senior S), Emilie Fortunato (Senior S and Sportsmanship), Laurence Frenette (Senior S and MVP) and Peppi Kahkonen

    Winter Season Ends with Team Suppers, Awards

    Grade 12 student Laurence Frenette has won the Dugie Ross MVP Trophy for varsity girls hockey for an unprecedented third year in a row. It was one of a number of athletic prizes presented by Stanstead College sports teams over four nights this week.
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  • Two Spartans Earn FAEQ Bursaries

    Two Stanstead College Varsity Girls Spartans have been selected to receive $2,000 bursaries from the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence (FAEQ).
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  • A young Coach T and Walter Gretzky

    Walter Gretzky- the “Greatest one” in terms of Hockey Dads

    By Matthew Thompson
    Growing up as a goalie in Pickering, Ontario right across the city line from Toronto, my hockey idol outside my family was none other than Wayne Gretzky. I have vivid memories of watching #99 play for the Kings and the Rangers. (The Oilers were a little before my memory kicked in, and the Blues, well, that happened a little too fast.)
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  • February

    2020-2021 Varsity Boys Hockey Team

    Hockey Spartans Making the Grade During Unique Season

    By Matt Thompson, Varsity Boys Hockey Coach
    In many ways, the beginning of 2021 has started exactly as 2020 ended. Unfortunately, the flip of a calendar was not powerful enough to end the pandemic that has its grip on us. We continue to operate our lives, both inside and outside Stanstead College, with restrictions in place. Both adults and youth have had their lives altered, but we push on and look for better days while ensuring that we still take advantage of every moment to be active and learn.
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