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  • January

    Squash: One Game Short

    By Jean-Jacques Prevost
    The squash competitive team had their second meeting at BCS on January 15. Just like the first meeting, they offered a strong performance until the very last game. They finished one game short (14 to 13) but, in the end, we all had a very positive experience. Once again, our young rookie players were impressive against BCS veterans. Next meeting: January 22 @ Stanstead.
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  • Athlete of the Week: Keita Oki

    This week’s Athlete of the Week embodies what it means to be humble in victory. You will never hear him brag about having won all four of the swimming races he competed in last Friday at the ETIAC meet held at Université de Sherbrooke.
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  • SG Basketball: Wrong End of a Blowout vs Galt

    By Erik Van Dyke
    Not much in-depth analysis for this one. Sometimes the opponent, in this case Alexander Galt, is just too good.
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  • SG Basketball: Improvement Noted vs La Ruche

    By Erik Van Dyke
    I LOVE rematches, especially ones where we lost to the team the first time we saw them. There is no better way to see if we’ve improved, if the countless drills and strategies and hours in the gym and on the road actually translate into better performance on the court.
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  • SG Basketball: MIS, a Story in Three Acts

    By Erik Van Dyke
    How You Start
    It was a rocky start this past weekend at the annual Montreal Independent Schools (MIS) tournament. There is no shame in losing 36-20 to a very good LCC team in our first game, but we were uninspired defensively, we never got out of second gear intensity-wise, and some of us focused too much on personal struggles instead of thinking team first.
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  • VG Hockey: New Year Report

    By Bernie Pimm
    Stanstead College Varsity Girls Hockey continues its rise towards becoming one of the premier female hockey development programs in North America.
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