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Leadership Opportunities

Developing leadership at Stanstead College happens in all aspects of student life, from mentoring fellow students in the classroom to rallying one's teammates on the field. It happens in formal ways such as our prefect program and community service, and it happens through opportunities for students to travel and broaden their expectations. Stanstead College grows leaders.


Prefects serve as liaisons between students and the faculty and administration and are expected to model appropriate behaviour and represent the school properly at all times. It is a great honour to be selected and an outstanding opportunity to develop responsibility and leadership skills.

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  • Bugbee House

    Logan Beasse      
    Ben Leclerc
    Hayden Pimm     
    Kevin Shi     
    Ethan Skara      
  • Davis House

    Cedric Beauregard      
    Justin Bouchard       
    David Dong  
    Jack Lippmann      
    Antoine Remillard
    Jerome Sayeur        
  • Webster House

    Krystine Breton
    Maria-Teresa Calva Xiolalpa       
    Beatrice Perron-Roy
    Elodie Roy       
    Lucy Wang        
    Siena Webster        
    Cynthia Zhang       
  • Cowen House

    Max Pedicelli        
    Joseph Riddell        
    Jason Shao     
    Leo Shi        
    Liam Steele      
    Yoan Torello    

    Ariela Boltvinik Palacios Roji    
    Stéphanie Bourque      
    Victoria Fernandez Garcia  
    Rosemary Lefebvre
    Sofia Paradis        
    Camille Richard        
    Alice Sauriol       
    Léonie Sayeur        

Multicultural Awareness

Students at Stanstead College come from, on average, 15 different countries, each with its own set of traditions, customs and history. Our international students have a chance to share their heritage during Multicultural Week, where they take over the school kitchen to prepare traditional meals from their home countries.

Community Service

Students who take part in our community service program once a week visit residents in nearby seniors’ homes, walk the dogs at an animal shelter and work with young children at local after-school programs. It’s a way to support the community and discover the two-way benefits of helping others.

Plus, once a year, our students and teachers head out en masse to the Town of Stanstead and other areas to clean, pick up and help out during our Community Service Day.

Service Trips

Service also takes place off campus -- way off campus. For the past decade, students and teachers from Stanstead College have spent their March breaks helping build homes in Central America and Africa in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity.

Exchange Opportunities

Stanstead College has participated in exchanges with schools in Germany, Australia, India, Kenya, South Africa and elsewhere. In addition, we provide placement opportunities here at Stanstead for gap students hoping to spend a year as a member of our junior faculty. For more information about gap and exchange possibilities, contact us.