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Trustees & Directors

Stanstead College is a registered not-for-profit corporation managed by administrative employees and governed by volunteer trustees and directors.

The role of the Board of Directors is to provide stable long-term decisions concerning the future and direction of Stanstead College.

The role of the Council of Trustees is to provide a broad spectrum of support and vision in keeping with the mission of Stanstead College.

These volunteer trustees and directors share an affinity for the school and its mission along with a desire to see the institution grow and prosper. They include alumni, parents of current and past students, community members and interested business people.

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  • Directors 2020-21

    Jonathan Cowen '72 – Chair
    François Paradis '92 – Vice-Chair
    Monty Allan '78
    Martin Béasse '91
    Constance Bédard '06
    Ellen Bounsall
    Winston Cuenant '99
    Darren Gray '00
    Jesse McRae '02
    Michael Peirce '73
    Angelo Perrotta
    Luc Quirion
    Joanne Ross
    Charles Seagram '92
    Matthew Watt '99
  • Trustees 2020-21

    Sergio Afif '09
    Monty Allan '78
    Robert Archambault
    Gabrielle Archer '09
    Peter Ashworth
    George Baptist '76
    Nicolas Bauer '10
    David Beasse '59
    Martin Beasse '91
    Georges Beaubien '68
    Philippe Beauregard '92
    Constance Bedard '06
    Ryan Bedard '10
    Mathieu Beliveau '99
    Nathalie Beliveau '98
    Felix Boisse '10
    Michael Bonaro '05
    Ellen Bounsall
    Pat Burden '70
    Joey Cammalleri '74
    Stephen Carden '77
    Dorothy Chan '07
    Olivier Charette '09
    Hank Chen '10
    Christopher Clegg '80
    Jeffrey Cowen '09
    Jonathan Cowen '72
    Judith Crosland Cowen
    Winston Cuenant '99
    Peter C. Daniel '54
    Terry Davies
    Collin De La Bruere '09
    George Diamandopoulos '94
    Andrea Dumas '08
    Blanche Du Sault '11
    Tracey Emms '82
    Eric Fafard
    Susan Fitzpatrick
    Kelly Foran '12
    Alex Gagnon-Sckoropad '08
    Marie-Pier Germain '01
    Jared Givarz '00
    Randy Goodleaf '81
    Karine Goyette '99
    Darren Gray '00
    Jeff Gray '04
    Necola Guerrina '09
    Hugh Gurd '71
    Claudia Hess '83
    Cindy Ho
    Duane Holder '90
    Stanley Holmes Sr. '53
    Tiffany Hsu '13
    Kevin Hurlburt '93
    Mark Jankowski '12
    Dr. Pierre-Olivier Jean '08
    Gillian Knightley '93
    Mitch Kotansky '80
    Claudine Landry '00
    Ashley Langevin '17
    John Laroche
    Kirsten Layzell McConnell
    Jean-Francois Lefort '09
    Antoine Leger
    Joseph Levy '69
    Andrew Lippi '09
    Vicky Liu '14
    Andrea Lopez Sanchez '14
    Hilda Lui '05
    Sean Maas '01
    Samuel MacCallum '80
    David Marosi '04
    Suzy McDonald '95
    Doug McEwen '76
    Jesse McRae '02
    William Moffatt '72
    Julia Naber '04
    John Nadeau '77
    Rebecca Nienkamper '83
    Guy Ouellet
    Naomi Orth '11
    Dr. Zubin Panthaki '85
    Francois Paradis '92
    Isabelle Paradis-Gatcliffe '89
    Dr. Michael Peirce '73
    Robert Perretta '04
    Tom Perretta '06
    Angelo Perrotta
    Julian Perrotta '08
    Jackson Qiu '14
    Kimberly Quinn '93
    Luc Quirion
    Jean-Samuel Rancourt '06
    Pierre Reid
    Frank Riddle '08
    Jason Rodi '95
    Orfa Roji '93
    JD Ross '00
    Joanne Ross
    Peter Ross '03
    Light Sathiensamrit '07
    Andrea Schmitt
    Robert Scobie '94
    Etienne Scraire '12
    Charles Seagram '92
    Joel Segal '75
    Lindsay Smith '09
    Harvey Stevens '74
    Matthew Stevenson '77
    Charles Vaillancourt '09
    Catherine Van der Linden
    Rene Villarreal '94
    Alex Wagner '02
    Geoffrey Wagner '71
    Dr. Akiko Watanabe '70
    Matthew Watt '99
    Scott Waugh '70
    Claire Webster
    Judith Webster
    Philip Webster
    Stuart Webster
    Helen White '09
    Jordan Wong '09
    Alyson T. Wood
    Aika Yamashita '14
    Jacqueline Zhang '14
    Charles W. Colby


Stanstead College is financed through student tuition and other business operations, such as summer programs, as well as from income provided by the school’s endowment.

Stanstead College also relies on contributions to its Annual Fund to provide financial aid for students as well initiatives that enhance the student experience. The Annual Fund is supported by alumni, current and past parents, students, employees, foundations as well as our trustees and directors. As a not-for-profit corporation, Stanstead College is able to issue tax receipts for eligible donors.

All revenues generated annually, whether through business operations or Annual Fund, are directed back into operating costs.