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Cross-Country Running

Both a team and an individual sport, cross-country running at Stanstead College helps athletes push themselves to increase their speed and endurance through daily track and mixed-terrain training as well as organized meets against other schools. The school’s top runner receives the W. Greenshields Memorial Trophy. In 2022, the Stanstead cross-country team won the ETIAC season championship for the first time since 2011. 

2023 Schedule

List of 4 events.

  • Cross-Country Running @ Alexander Galt

    Depart: 12:15 pm
    Return: 8:00 pm
  • Cross-Country Running @ Stanstead

    Senior Boys:
    Liam Sumun 1st place
    Liam Decoursay 2nd place (tie)
    Justin Dupuis 2nd place (tie)
    Hubert Melancon 5th place
    Noah Sumun 7th place
    Senior Girls:
    Halle Khanna 2nd place
    Adiana Desbiens Senneville 3rd place
    Joelle Benoit 4th place
    Charlie Roy 6th place
    39 total team points
  • Cross-Country Running @ Massey-Vanier

    Senior girls:
    Halle Khanna 2nd
    Adriana Desbiens-Senneville 3rd
    Joelle Benoit 4th
    Charlie Roy 5th
    Senior boys:
    Liam Sumun 1st
    Liam Decoursay 2nd
    Noah Sumun 3rd
    Justin Dupuis 4th
    Hubert Melancon 7th
  • Cross-Country Running @ BCS

    Senior girls
    Halle Khanna 2nd
    Adriana Desbiens-Senneville 3rd
    Joelle Benoit 4th
    Senior boys
    Liam Sumun 1st
    Noah Sumun 2nd
    Justin Dupuis 3rd
    Keita Tsutsumi 5th
    Hubert Melancon 7th
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Running News

List of 5 news stories.

  • Athlete of the Week: Liam Sumun

    This Grade 9 cross-country runner's growth over the past few years has been nothing less than extraordinary. Last year, Liam asked to move up a level but then decided to stay put in order to gather more points for the team. When he requested to move up a level this year, it was an automatic, yes. Liam always works hard in practice by going the extra mile (pun intended). With three first-place finishes in ETIAC at the senior level and finishing seventh in the cadet level (being the youngest in his age category) at the RSEQ Regional meet, Liam qualified for Provincials, which he participated in this past weekend. This young man’s continued drive to work hard is really something that his teammates look up to. He has a bright future ahead of him. Congratulations to this week’s Athlete of the Week, from cross-country running, Liam Sumun. 
  • SG Soccer Red, Running Win Big on Wednesday

    In a dramatic underdog performance, the Senior Girls (Red) Spartans captured the ETIAC playoff trophy Wednesday, defeating Alexander Galt Regional 2-1.
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  • Athlete of the Week: Liam Sumun

    This cross-country runner always gives 100% effort in practice. Whether it is long-distance running, intervals, flipping tires or conditioning, he works his hardest at everything in order to improve. A Grade 7 student Stanstead resident is willing to help out when asked and can outrun most people on the team even at bantam age. Very coachable and respectful of others, Liam has placed first in his division at every one of his races so far. We look for much of the same in the finals this week at BCS! Congratulations, Liam Sumun.
  • Athlete of the Week: Joey Hawco

    Congratulations to Joey, who has been selected as the first Athlete of the Week of 2020-21.
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  • Athlete of the Week: Rosemarie Ladouceur

    Last year, an injury kept Rosemarie Ladouceur from being able to compete in cross-country running. This year, she is back as a significant force on the team, putting in the time and extra effort to train and showing up to perform at meets.
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