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Junior Boys Soccer

    • Junior Boys Soccer


Soccer players at the bantam and junior level develop skills and knowledge of the game as they compete in ETIAC league play. In 2022, the Bantam Boys Soccer Spartans captured the ETIAC regular season banner for the first time since 2002.

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JB Soccer News

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  • Athlete of the Week: Juan Patricio Oropeza Gonzalez

    This student-athlete from Mexico has been an exceptional presence on the junior boys soccer pitch this fall. His relentless determination and hard work have not gone unnoticed by both his teammates and coach. Juan Patricio’s ability to inspire and lead by example is a true testament to his character. His performances on the field have consistently demonstrated his talent and love for the sport. His contributions have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the team's success, and his coach is grateful to have him as a member of the junior boys soccer family. For all the reason above and for scoring the nicest goal his coach witnessed this fall, your Athlete of the Week, from junior boys soccer, Juan Patricio Oropeza Gonzalez.
  • Athlete of the Week: Mauricio Lopez Sanchez

    Athlete of the Week has been awarded to: Mauricio Lopez, of the junior boys soccer team.
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  • Athlete of the Week: Henry Riddell

    By Erik Van Dyke
    It takes courage and confidence to be a soccer goalkeeper, especially when you’ve never played it before, and even MORE especially when you are a Grade 7 playing on a team with Grade 8s, Grade 9s and even Grade 10s.
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  • Athlete of the Week: Diego Badillo Hernandez

    Penalty kicks are among the most stressful moments in all of sports, especially in sudden-death playoffs, and especially for the goalie. But this week’s Diego Badillo Hernandez doesn’t shy away from pressure. Instead, this young man thrives on pressure.
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  • Athlete of the Week: Jayden Mullens

    Jayden Mullens from the league-leading junior boys soccer team is this week’s Athlete of the Week for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is his leadership on the field.
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