COVID Response Plan

Arrival of International Students

Stanstead College takes pride in being home to students from around the world. Despite the constraints of COVID-19, we are implementing measures to ensure that we can continue to do so in a manner that is safe for the school and community alike. Specifically, international boarding students arriving in Canada will follow a 14-day quarantine on campus upon arrival at Stanstead College. This quarantine is in a separate building from all other students.

In accordance with federal guidelines, quarantine applies to all travellers entering the country, whether they have COVID‑19 symptoms or not. Such isolation covers both travellers who are sick or display symptoms and those who do not have symptoms and are in perfect health.

During the period of isolation on campus, students will have limited contact with other quarantined students, general staff or designated supervisors. The College will arrange delivery of meals, assign designated outdoor areas, provide medical check-ins and offer 24/7 supervision that respects social distancing guidelines. Students will follow a schedule that will include outdoor hours, meals, online sessions, entertainment and activities that respect the government’s self-isolation guidelines.

The following measure will be in place for the duration of the fall quarantine period:
  • Upon arrival, students will be screened by medical staff before entering their assigned residences. Those who have symptoms will be isolated in a separate building.
  • Students will be housed one per room, with a maximum of two students sharing a single bathroom. Students will be asked to follow specific bathroom disinfecting guidelines after each use. The College will also do its best to assign shared bathrooms to students who arrived together on the same plane and from the same country.
  • Daily disinfecting of residence common areas and designated outdoor space.
  • Students will be required to wear masks when outside their room. Staff who are in contact with students will also be required to wear masks and disposable gloves.
  • Students will be given designated times in assigned outdoor areas to exercise and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Meals will be delivered to each residence and distributed by the house directors. Once students are finished everything will be placed outside of the room and collected by the house directors.
Students in quarantine will follow the school academic schedule and attend classes via Microsoft Teams.

We also strongly encourage students to bring activities from home to occupy their free time during quarantine, such as puzzles, books, electronic devices, art material, etc.

At the conclusion of the 14-day quarantine period, students will move into their respective residence and become part of the regular school routine.