COVID Response Plan

Athletics (non-hockey)

While there is still no single all-encompassing protocol for all sports, the ever-developing return-to-play protocols for each sport can be found at (French only). Also of interest at this site are the general safety protocols that all high schools must adhere to with respect to hygiene and physical distancing for practices, games and travel.

While there was no official league or tournament play for any of the programs this past fall (cross-country running, four levels of soccer, and new fall offerings golf, tennis, badminton and volleyball), we were able to play exhibition games vs Bishop’s College School (the only school with COVID protocols as comprehensive as our own) in soccer, tennis, golf and cross-country running.

For the winter term, all traditional winter sports will be played with the exception of swimming. It will be replaced by badminton. We will also remain in contact with the other ETIAC and RSEQ member schools in the event that their situations improve enough for us to schedule games against them, be it exhibition or actual league play. We all share the same mission, i.e. provide the best athletic experience possible for the students in our region, but we will only play these schools if we are convinced they pose no risk to our students. For now, we will only schedule games with BCS; we will reassess upon our return in January.

In addition to the unconditional dedication of our teacher-coaches, we are able to offer such a comprehensive and safe programs because of our facilities, the large size of our campus, and our remote location; our immediate region is almost COVID-free, our population is small and we are surrounded by open space. When combined with our philosophical commitment to remaining a small, family-oriented school, our unique situation and spacious athletic facilities give us the ability to efficiently incorporate physical distancing into our sports programs. Specifically, our two gyms, six soccer fields, outdoor track, two tennis courts, two squash courts, outdoor basketball court, new outdoor beach volleyball court, two weight rooms, access to a softball diamond and miles of cross-country running/skiing trails give us uncommon flexibility to keep our students active, healthy and safe.