COVID Response Plan

Food Services

Working with our food supplier, Dana Hospitality, Stanstead College has adapted its meal service to comply with all safety regulations. LeBaron Dining Hall has been reconfigured to ensure students and faculty can safely physical distance during meals. Signs are posted throughout LeBaron and the meal area where the lines are formed to ensure all rules are understood and followed. Mealtimes are expanded and staggered to comply with the number of students/faculty permitted at one time.

The following details outline the steps we have taken and the protocol to follow to ensure safety for all regarding meals at Stanstead College.

School Day Breakfast and Lunch
  • Students, staff and faculty are split into staggered periods.
  • There are separate entrances leading into and out of the dining hall.
  • A temperature scanner monitors every person as they enter the line-up into the dining hall to ensure no one has an elevated fever.
  • Hand sanitizer station are located at the dining hall entrance and exit.
  • 2-metre intervals within the lineup are indicated by stickers on the floor. Arrows and stanchions will also be used to help direct students.
  • All meals are cafeteria style.
  • The dining room does not offer communal microwaves, panini makers or toasters.
  • Students seat themselves. To accommodate spacing requirements, only 73 chairs are set up in the dining hall.
  • Each diner is responsible for sanitizing their table space and chair as they depart, using disposable disinfectant wipes located on each table.
Dinners and Weekend Meals
  • The same set up and protocol as a school day lunch meal applies except these meal periods are assigned by house.
  • These meals are cafeteria style in two-hour blocks. Prefects and duty teachers are assigned to monitor that capacity does not exceed the maximum and that the rules are being followed by all diners.
  • Schedules of athletic practices and activities have staggered end times so the flow to breakfast and dinners is not overwhelmed.
Break Snacks
  • Snacks are available in the dining hall.
  • The school has increased the number of garbage receptacles outside the dining hall and LeBaron to ensure “eating on the go” will not add to extra garbage on the campus.