COVID Response Plan


Stanstead College is committed to communicating quickly, clearly and efficiently to all members of our school community regarding changes in policy related to COVID-19 and other information affecting school life. A number of tools are available to deliver these messages, often used in combination, including email, a weekly bulletin (delivered by email), social media (Facebook, Twitter) and website.

Information regarding COVID-19 and other policies will be posted in this dedicated section of the school website, with a link at the top of the website and information broken down by category (athletics, academics, health centre, student life, etc.). All updates will be indicated.
The fall opening plan is available as a single PDF document. This document was included with the regular summer information package. That package was revised to indicate which guidelines and policies have been modified or do not apply for the current academic year.

Any updates to policy or the school routine will be delivered through the year: by email for critical/timely updates (marked “High Importance” if urgent); through the weekly bulletin; and via social platforms. Parents will also be encouraged to use the Microsoft Yammer app on their phone; details to follow.