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  • December

    Pair Perseverance with Support

    By Kate Collins, Grade 11
    Take a second to think about one similarity that everyone has in the room. No, it’s not the fact that we are all in spirit dress today or that most of us have class next period, it’s that fact that we all have persevered through hard times. You might not realize you have done this, but perseverance is the reason why we are all here today. Here at Stanstead College, we are always busy and faced with new challenges and have high expectations from our teachers and coaches. None of us would have made it this far without grit and determination.  
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  • Finding and Losing Your Identity at Stanstead College

    By Andrea Schmitt
    When you started your life at Stanstead College, did putting on your uniform feel like you were dressing up? Did you feel fake and hated it, or were you okay with it? Do you think you lose your identity when wearing a uniform?
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  • November

    When People Perceive Your 1%

    By Quinn Smits, Grade 12
    I show up to Psychology 15 minutes early because I can use my time to do homework without getting distracted by my phone; my teacher thinks I have nothing better to do. I never stop talking in Stats class, even if I’m doing work; my teacher thinks I am enthusiastic. I know where the NBA Hall of Fame is; Kyle Cregan calls me a know-it-all. I ate three cookies at break; they walked past and mocked me.
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  • Never Give In

    By Sofia Martinez Ajzenman, Grade 11
    Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. — Winston Churchill (1941)
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  • A Fish Tale

    By Emma MacIntyre, Grade 11
    When I was just a little girl, my grandpa taught me how to fish. At first, I thought fishing was boring and a waste of my time, so I simply just didn’t like it. I didn’t like the idea of doing the same thing over and over again and waiting and waiting for something to finally happen. But at least I got to spend some good quality time with my grandpa, so I was happy.
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  • October

    Several Truths for Making Friends

    By Andrea Schmitt
    By now, you’ve been in Stanstead College for a few weeks and are getting through the motions of the adaptation curve I mentioned in the previous newsletter. One of the surprising aspects of being at a boarding school is that there are so many people around you all the time. What to do with them? You want to make friends, but how? For some of you, this might be easy, but for most, it is an effort…
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  • September

    Opportunities Abound at Stanstead

    By Mauricio Lopez Sanchez, Grade 12
    For those of you who don’t recall or for all of you new to school this year, last year I talked about cultures and what a wonderful diversity this great place has, how easy it is to find a great story around every corner. I left off talking about all the opportunities that Stanstead College has, and I will pick it up just there. 
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  • August

    The Rollercoaster Ride Ahead

    By Andrea Schmitt
    Stanstead life is going to become a reality! Whether this is your first time on campus or your third, the start of the school year is always, let’s say, “interesting,” and it is ambiguous. Ambiguous means “having double meaning.” On the one hand, you are excited; on the other hand, you dread the situation.
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  • June

    Build a RAFT to Get Through Your Goodbyes

    By Andrea Schmitt
    Will you be counting in weeks or days until the end of this school year? However you do this, soon you'll need to pack up your room at Stanstead College. Maybe you're already sorting through things in your mind. What to keep? What to take home? What to throw or give away? How you feel when thinking about the end of the school year depends on what your future plan is. Was this just one year in Canada for you? Will you come back in September? Are you in Grade 11 or 12 and this will be your last year at SC?
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  • May

    The Easy Way is Not the Best Way

    By Trofim Godochkin, Grade 11
    Originally, my plan was to come here and give everyone the basic speech about life, getting out of your comfort zone, and trying new things. However, I had a conversation with Mr. Van Dyke that changed my mind, and I rewrote my prefect speech. What him and I talked about was not always taking the easy way out.
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  • Imposter Syndrome Part 2: Why Are You Not Tooting Your Own Horn?

    By Andrea Schmitt
    In my February post, I tackled the first part of impostor syndrome. (If you haven’t read it, check out the definition, basic info, and a little quiz here.) In a nutshell, impostor syndrome makes you feel like a scam, like you don’t belong. You fear that others will find out soon, very soon!
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  • Own Your Choices

    By Antoine Rémillard, Grade 12
    From the day you're born until the day you eventually pass away, you are exposed to millions, maybe even billions of choices. Some of these choices are as simple as choosing to snooze or not to snooze your alarm on Monday morning or even as easy as picking what color socks to wear that day.
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  • Dear 13-Year-Old Me

    By Maria Teresa Calva-Xolalpa
    I am the 19-year-old version of yourself about to graduate from the school you are about to go to. Tomorrow will be your first day at your new school, Stanstead College. You are now also living in the town as a day student and as you can see, it is VERY different from the city. You went from having 6000 things close by to, now, having only six. The town will grow on you, though.
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  • Balance is Key

    By Lana Peasley, Grade 11
    Having a good balance is essential to having a healthy and entertaining life. Having the perfect balance between our personal commitments like being with friends and family and work commitments is one of life's most challenging aspects.
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  • April

    Acceptance Leads to Positivity

    By Shun Hatano, Grade 11
    My three years at Stanstead College were the best time of my life, and I'm hoping it will continue into the next year and a half. I believe that many of you are having the best experiences as well playing sports and hanging out with your friends. However, have you ever felt that you don`t belong to Stanstead or you have had a complaint about something? Complaints can be about sports, academics, relationships, and maybe about food. However, this complaint can be changed to positive by accepting the fact and accepting yourself.  
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  • Let Your Passion Light Your Fire

    By Élodie Roy, Grade 12
    Like a number of you, I've lived in a world of competition, pressure and expectations my whole life. I've lived in a world where my results and my success are often a direct reflection of who I am. Navigating through this demanding and tiring reality, I've had to find what truly fulfills me, what lets me escape my overwhelming lifestyle, what genuinely makes me happy – my passion. I'm lucky enough to have two: hockey and music.
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  • March

    Your Unique You Has Worth

    By Lysa Onyx Rhytity Kabirigi  
    Break is right around the corner, and like many of you, I am also excited. But what I realized during this third year at Stanstead College is that everything goes by fast. Many of your teachers have certainly told you that after break, you will not see the days go by. It is true, and I have come to experience it too. 
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  • When You Fall, Look Around You

    By Anderson Smyth-Trider, Grade 11
    If you’ve grown up playing sports, you would have to be among the luckiest of individuals to not have experienced failure. I use the word “failure” only to describe experiences where you may not have reached your goal at that time. However, I do not believe it is failure, but I will come back to this.
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  • Loving Yourself is the First Step to Success

    By Kate Emms, Grade 12
    Most people tend to make their speeches about helping others, serving your community and being kind to your peers. Honestly, as much as this does matter, being there for yourself is the single most important thing you can do to live a happy, successful life.
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  • When Eating Becomes a Problem  

    By Andrea Schmitt
    Eating too much, too little, too fast, or not at all… If it gets extreme, then it might be an eating disorder. Last week was the National Eating Disorder Association’s (NEDA) awareness week, so I will tackle this topic today.
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  • Focus on Men's Mental Health

    By Juho Virtanen, Grade 11
    Mental health is a critical issue that affects individuals of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. However, the way we approach and discuss mental health can vary greatly depending on one's gender, leading to differences in mental health outcomes. 
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  • February

    The Rush to Grow Up

    By Ellie French, Grade 11
    For as long as I can remember my birthday has been one of my favourite days of the year. A special day celebrating with my family and friends, and, oh yeah, gifts too, how could I not like it? But looking back, I realize I actually enjoyed aging. Why? I was always a really stubborn child and still somewhat am, and I loved doing things on my own and being able to say I did it.
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  • Facing Your Obstacles

    By Quinn Smits, Grade 11
    Like most students at Stanstead College, I have had a busy year, between balancing school, sports, social time and personal time, with various struggles thrown into the mix. As this is my second year at school, I’m still constantly reminded that everything is still somewhat new to me, whether I care to admit it or not.  
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  • The Ripple Effect of Giving

    By Béatrice Perron-Roy, Grade 12
    Inspirational writer Israel Ayivor once said, “Giving does not only precede receiving; it is the reason for it. It is in giving that we receive.” The practice of giving has a long and rich history that stretches back to ancient civilizations. In many cultures, giving was an important aspect of social and religious practices and was often seen as a way to demonstrate one's generosity.  
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  • Imposter Syndrome Part 1: Failure to Toot Your Own Horn

    By Andrea Schmitt
    Did you just get an A+ and think, “That was pure luck!”  Did you show up for the hockey game despite your stomachache, not play as well as usual and assume, “Any day, they will find out that I shouldn’t have been made captain.” Are you from a foreign country, struggling with the perfect English pronunciation and find yourself thinking, “I do not belong here, my English is just not good enough.” Well, this is imposter syndrome at its best. You feel like a sham, like you don’t belong and fear that others will find out soon, very soon!
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  • January

    Don't Just Take Your Shot, Believe In It!

    By Zackary Maheu, Grade 11
    Today I’m going to tell you a story about something that happened to me about two years ago when I first started applying to Stanstead. My best friend Jeremy Leroux, who was already a student at Stanstead, told me that he wanted me to come and that I would love it.
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  • Multiculturalism Binds Us Together

    By Yucheng "Austin" Zhang, Grade 12
    The Chinese New Year arrived on January 22. For all Chinese, this is the time of the year when families reunite and celebrate the festival. Meanwhile, there are also other festivals from different cultural backgrounds, such as the Day of the Dead from Mexico, Christmas, Easter, Oktoberfest from Germany, etc.
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