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Grade 10 Science Fair Winners Announced

Grade 10 students presented 26 experiments at the annual Science Fair Thursday evening. Prizes were presented Friday morning.

Science and Technology Prize, for their study on the effect of pH and the corresponding corrosion that occurs in various metals: Tamara Wood-Downey and Dalton Neelon

In 3rd place for their study on the relationship between sallnity of water and its conductivity: Nicolas Pokora and Andrew Bimm

In 2nd place with a fantastic project on the percentage of seed germination when adding sucrose: Jessie Hu

And in 1st place for  their study of which chemicals to use when making your own environmentally friendly ice packs: Victoria Ruf and Marianne Picard

Honourable mentions go to:

Ryan Young and Alexis Daniel for their project measuring the speed of light by cooking eggs in a microwave
Alyssa Shimada and Antonia von Frankenstein for their study on the effect of cinnamon oil on ant colonies

Congratulations to all.