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Athlete of the Week: Antonia von Franckenstein

This week’s Athlete of the Week is a quiet person, so quiet that if you pass her in the hallway you will never guess how fierce she is on a basketball court.
One of the hardest things to do in basketball is drive against a zone – only the most aggressive players can do it – and luckily for her senior girls D3 basketball team, Antonia is that player. Forceful drives, drawing fouls, blocking shots – all due to how fearlessly she plays the game. Over the last two league games, the Grade 10 student from Ullstadt, Germany has impressed her coach, her teammates and even the referees with her assertive style of play. She has proven so valuable so far this season that she rarely comes off the court, and when she does, she is the loudest cheerleader on the bench.

Congratulations, Antonia, for earning this week’s Athlete of the Week!