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Athlete of the Week: Mariama Barry

Mariama Barry, a grade 10 student, has taken on a lot of basketball this season – often practising twice a day AND playing more games than anyone in the school.
By seizing these opportunities, she has improved her shooting and passing, and has consequently had a major, season-long impact on the junior girls basketball team, both as the most skilled player and as a leader on the court.

These attributes were never more in evidence than in last week’s thrilling win over Triolet, a team that had beaten the Spartans by quite a margin earlier in the season. As the floor general, she set the example and helped keep her team in the game until the final minutes, and then, when it mattered the most, she fashioned the TSN Turning Point by scoring the crucial baskets that put her team ahead for good.

It hasn’t always been easy for her this season, but she has refused to give up, despite tough losses and every team she plays keying on her. For this perseverance and work ethic, Mariama is this week’s Athlete of the Week!