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Junior Boys Rugby

Athlete of the Week: Chaz Grenier

This week’s Athlete of the Week is one of the most fearless competitors in the ETIAC league.

Often the smallest junior rugby player on the field, Chaz Grenier looks across the rugby pitch at opponents who are older, stronger and much bigger than him… and he doesn’t care. No matter how hard he gets tackled by someone who outweighs him by 70 lbs, the Grade 7 student from Stanstead just gets up and carries on without complaint. Every single time.

This unrelenting determination was even noticed and remarked upon by opposing coaches at last Friday’s GMAA tournament in Montreal and again at home this past weekend. A dynamic runner and a bold tackler, Chaz displays commendable all-round effort every practice and every game.

A young player with great potential, congratulations to Chaz for being named this week’s Athlete of the Week!