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Spring Athletes Honoured at Assembly

Mackenzy St-Pierre of Ogden, Que. capped off a stellar Stanstead College athletic career by winning her third Major S trophy this year in three seasons and earning her second MVP trophy in 2018-19.

Mackenzy earned the Major S and the Roger Marino Cup for senior girls rugby. It was the sixth Major S award overall for the Stanstead lifer. This past season, she earned the MVP trophy for basketball.

There were also a number of firsts. Jayden Mullens, Grade 10 of Oakland, ME, earned his first Major S for senior boys rugby and picked up the Don Ross MVP trophy in the process.

Other first-time Major S winners were Joseph Poulin (Gr. 12, Ste-Marie, Que.) and Patrick Young (Gr. 12, Derby Line, VT) for senior boys rugby as well as Martin Lefebvre (Gr. 12, Magog, Que.) and Tyler Vosinek (Gr. 12, Monrow, NH) for lacrosse. Lucas Etienne (Gr. 12, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia) also earned a Major S for badminton.

Caleb Goudreau (Gr. 12, Stanstead) earned his second Major S for lacrosse and his third Major overall. Emily Willis (Gr. 12, Newport, VT) won her first Major S for senior girls rugby and her second of the year.

This was also the final athletic assembly for Mr. Williams, who gave one last, emotional poem to end his tennis coaching career.



Male MVP – Nicolas Pokora
Female MVP – n/a
Sportsmanship – Dominic Pokora & Henry Haase

Junior Boys Rugby
Junior S – Matthew Liddell-Grainger, Rihito Hamano, Diego Badillo
Sportsmanship – Tiisetso Koketso

Junior Girls Rugby
Junior S – Maria Teresa Calva-Xolalpa, Alexia Moreau, Ella Yudo
Sportsmanship – Fernanda Rivas

Junior S – Michael Wu, Leo Li
Senior S – Samantha Smith, Eric Wang
Major S – Lucas Etienne
Sportsmanship – Ba Nam Nguyen & Karen Kosugi

Junior S – Georgia Bailey, Elodie Roy
Senior S – Xavier Jean-Louis, Laurence Frenette, Marianne Picard
Sportsmanship – Jiabao (Jessie) Hu

Senior S – Ryan Johnson, Portia Eldaun
Alex Philip Shield Winner – Simon Couture
Sportsmanship – Hayden Pimm

Senior S – Richard Hall, Valeria Rodriguez, Charlotte Riddell, Andrew Bouchard, Lucy Wang
Boys Shield Winner – Andrew Bouchard
Girls Shield Winner – Lucy Wang
Sportsmanship – Victoria Monzerolle

Senior S – James Jorge, Sean Chisholm
Major S – Caleb Goudreau, Martin Lefebvre, Tyler Vosiinek
Sportsmanship – Bradley James Roy

Senior Girls Rugby
Senior S – Isabelle Richard, Tamara Thierus, Ann-Frederik Naud, Erin Hinch
Major S –Emily Willis, Mackenzy St-Pierre
MVP Trophy – Mackenzy St-Pierre
Sportsmanship – Alison Barlow

Senior Boys Rugby
Senior S – Cole Huckins, Greg Lapointe, Ryan Young, Phil Martel
Major S – Patrick Young, Joseph Poulin, Jayden Mullens
MVP Trophy – Jayden Mullens
Sportsmanship – Patricio Tamayo & Mathieu Duval-Soto

Photos @ Vidigami