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Running for Terry

Yesterday, Stanstead College students and teachers participated in the annual Terry Fox Run. After class, the school gathered in LeBaron for a presentation on Fox’s life and his Marathon of Hope. Following, we gathered for a group photo in the heart, as we do annually.

Then it was a minimum of three laps around the campus, with students encouraged to go above and beyond in the spirit of Terry Fox. Well done to the many students – perhaps our highest number yet, said Athletic Director Erik Van Dyke – who ran 7, 8, even 12 and 13 laps.

The junior girl student who ran the most laps was Gloria Riddell, Grade 8, with 12 laps. Junior boys Chaz Grenier (Grade 8) and Dominic Pokora (Grade 9) tied with 12 apiece.

The senior girl who ran the most was Grade 10’s Rosemary Lefebvre (last year’s junior girl endurance champ) with 13 laps. The senior boy and runner of most laps overall was Cedric Beauregard, Grade 10, with 15 laps.

Students will have a free-dress day Monday in exchange for a $2 donation to the Terry Fox Foundation in support of cancer research. If students want to wear a hat, it’s $3. Of course, all are encouraged to give more to a worthy cause.

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