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Stanstead College COVID-19 Response: March 12

Stanstead College continues to monitor the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak as it evolves worldwide. Following guidelines from Public Health Canada and the World Health Organization, our management team is working with our school’s Health Centre staff as well as regional and provincial public health officials to ensure the safety of our students and school community.

Stanstead College is now on its March break. Based on travel advisories from the Canadian government, we have implemented the following policy:

  • All students/staff traveling to high-risk regions over the break will be obliged to remain in quarantine, off campus, for a 14-day period upon return, in accordance with the school’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. Contact the school nurse immediately at (819) 876-7891, ext. 264.
  • All students/staff who display COVID-19 symptoms or having contact with anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms over the break must contact the school nurse at (819) 876-7891, ext. 264.

As of March 12, high-risk regions include China, Northern Italy and Iran. Based on information gathered from our students families, we have no students or faculty planning to travel to these areas at this time.

However, because the situation is so fluid, we anticipate that more countries will be added to this list during March break, and it is important for all of us to be prepared for changes that may occur. Therefore:

  • parents of students traveling internationally must have a place to stay should your child require self-quarantine upon his or her return to Canada; and
  • all students (boarding and day) displaying sickness or symptoms of any kind must delay their return to school for 14 days.
Our Health Centre is working closely with the local health services and, when school resumes, will be set up to deal with any suspected cases of the virus on campus. Our Health Centre team will also be visiting all residences Wednesday morning upon the students’ return to discuss self-monitoring and prevention methods. In addition, our housekeeping staff will make a priority of disinfecting all railings and doorknobs several times a day.

In summary, we continue to investigate and plan for various scenarios and possible responses. This may include additional quarantine measures and, potentially, delaying our return to school in April should conditions warrant. Should this be necessary, we would ask that all families be prepared and make arrangements now for possible self-quarantine in Canada between March 31 and April 13. Rest assured that we will have contingencies in place to enable students to complete their school year.

We will be monitoring events and communicating any decisions immediately as they are taken. We will also be updating this page as required.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these extraordinary circumstances.

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