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Stanstead College COVID-19 Response: March 24

Update on Move to Distance Learning
As Stanstead College prepares to begin its third term with distance learning, the school’s management team, program directors, IT and Curriculum Committee have been meeting regularly (but remotely) to plan how to best deliver instruction to our students.

Measures in place to date include:
  • Distance learning. Instruction will be given primarily through Blackbaud and Microsoft Teams. This will include access to instructional materials as well as some video instruction (live and recorded). We will be recommending teachers and students adhere to the existing class schedule in order to best accomplish each week’s goals.
  • Staff training. With guidance from IT, faculty will begin preparing their online courses starting the week of March 30. This will primarily be remotely.
  • Third term. The third term will commence with distance learning starting the week of Monday, April 13, as previously announced, and will continue until we are able to return physically to school.
  • Academic expectations. On Sunday, Quebec Premier François Legault announced that provincial Ministry of Education exams would not be held this year. The government also announced that final school year results will be based on the first two terms. (Details here.) However, as a preparatory school with an emphasis on academic rigour, the Stanstead College report card goes beyond Ministry requirements and will include assessments for work completed in this third term. The goal is to ensure that our students are as prepared as possible to advance to the next level.

On Sunday, Premier Legault announced that Quebec schools will remain closed until May 1. It is unclear whether schools will reopen after this date. If Stanstead College can resume physical classes safely and in accordance with Canada and Quebec guidelines, we will do so. Should this be the case, we understand that, despite border restrictions, international students with existing Canadian study permits will be able to return to Canada.

Please note that, in accordance to Quebec government decree, the Stanstead College campus remains closed.

Stanstead College greatly appreciates the support we have received from our families, alumni and friends. We are all living through extraordinary times, with many questions about the future. Knowing that we remain a Stanstead College community, even when far apart, is heart-warming and encouraging. Please stay safe and take care of each other.

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