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Stanstead College COVID-19 Response: May 22

Plans for Fall Re-Opening
As we approach the end of this extraordinary school year with its shift to distance education, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you all for your support and patience. Our campus has not been the same since our March break, and we are anxiously looking forward to our return to campus and new student arrivals in the fall.

Our priority as we look ahead to September and the start of our 2020-2021 academic year will continue to be the health and safety of our students. Our program directors, management team and board of directors are all working behind the scenes to prepare for the smoothest return possible. As the pandemic evolves, so too do the reactions and recommendations of our governments and public health authorities. We will all need to be flexible, understanding that our plans may shift as new information and strategies come to light. With that in mind, I am pleased to share some of the plans that are in the works.

Campus opening
International and US boarding students will be required to undergo health checks prior to traveling and will be screened by our health team upon arrival at the school. These students will also need to arrive 14 days prior to the general school opening and will remain in supervised isolation on campus during this time.

UPDATE: All Canadian boarding students and day students are expected to practice strict COVID preventive measures at all times in the 14 days prior to arriving on campus. This includes avoiding public spaces as much as possible, limiting travel to within their region, limiting interaction outside their family, social distancing and wearing a mask in all settings as required.

Students who have received a diagnosis of COVID-19, who demonstrate symptoms or who have been exposed to someone with symptoms will be required to quarantine at home for 14 days prior to arriving on campus.

Hybrid learning
We recognize that a hybrid learning environment may be required in order to address delays or illness. Students whose study permits or travel are affected by COVID-19 or who must remain at home due to exposure or potential exposure as outlined above will be able to participate in distance education until they are able to return to campus. Please note that the expectation is foir students to make all necessary arrangements to be on campus as soon as possible in order to maximize their educational experience.

Screening, hygiene, social distancing and masks
In accordance with guidelines from Public Health Canada and the Government of Quebec, social distancing will become routine in classes, all school buildings as well as sports facilities. Students, faculty and staff will be required to wash and sanitize hands multiple times per day. Students and staff may be required to bring and use masks. Students will be screened at the start of the school year and regularly through the year. Any member of the campus community who demonstrates symptoms will be isolated and tested.

The school will be making a sizeable investment in ensuring that members of our school community safeguard themselves and others against infection. These include Plexiglas barriers, increased cleaning, installation of washing stations, more hand sanitizers, etc.

School calendar changes
We strongly anticipate that our scheduled long-weekend breaks in October and November will be modified to ensure that all boarding students remain on campus during these periods. Regarding the December break and subsequent breaks in the new year, we will be making decisions based on the situation closer to the time and based on recommendations by public health.

Our communication will continue
More information regarding the new school year will be forthcoming in June, with detailed updates in July and August. We recognize that there is no firm blueprint in planning for the return to campus during a pandemic, so please recognize that these instructions may change.

While this all may sound dire, we encourage you to bear in mind that Stanstead remains a safe place with a low risk of infection. We are monitoring our regional health authority numbers, which show virtually zero infections in our immediate area and relatively low numbers in larger centres like Magog and Sherbrooke. While your child is at Stanstead College, our commitment will be to their overall health and safety as well as to the exceptional educational experience – albeit slightly modified – that you will come to expect.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to providing you more details soon.


Joanne Tracy Carruthers
Acting Head of School, Director of Admissions