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What Is Life Coaching?

By Andrea Schmitt
“One life coaching session can change you immediately!”
Well, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? Like a secret pill that clears up your headache in a second or a magic wand that solves all your problems at once. But that’s not how it works.

What is life coaching? Life coaching is getting to know yourself, your thoughts and how they are connected to your emotions. It makes you realize that you can talk back to that nasty little voice in your head. It helps you really look at the huge mountain of problems in front of you and shows you how to climb it.

With this help, you can boost your self-esteem, eliminate self-doubt, crush the feeling of being overwhelmed and de-stress.

Will you be happy ever after? No, because nobody is always happy! People who say they are are simply lying. But you can find ways to make yourself happier. 

Did you know that you can trick your brain into thinking that you are actually happy? Try pulling the corners of your mouth up. Funnily enough, now your brain thinks, “Oh, the mouth is in a smile position.” This activates certain areas in your brain that will release “happiness” hormones. Interesting, right? Do you feel kind of stupid doing this when you are actually stressed, sad or just “meh”? Me too, but it also makes me smile and think “interesting!”

I would not recommend running around with a fake smile 24/7. That would just make you weird! But having this simple trick up your sleeve and knowing that you yourself can release hormones is valuable knowledge.
Back to life coaching: I know we are living in strange times when we spend more time in our houses or in your room than we want to. But what better opportunity to invest time in ourselves, to find out what we want and how to achieve it.

Life coaching provides a judgement-free and safe space with someone by your side. In my case, I am not your mom, nor will I ever be, but I listen to concerns, frustrations and stresses and help you figure things out. Like Marie Forleo says, everything is “figureoutable.” And like one of my coaching clients said: “My favourite part of coaching is that no matter how tangled something is, you find the ends of the string and make me untangle them.”

If you look around today and see classmates pulling up the corners of their mouths, you know somebody else who read this…

Wishing you a great day, one day at a time!

Andrea Schmitt is a life coach specializing in teenage girls and a former Stanstead parent (Jessica Lozano Schmitt 2018). Find out more about her services at or email